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S: 21st4lb C: 17st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 47.3 Loss: 4st0lb(18.79%)
Hi Marcierose, I'm also on day 5 but of ss+ and have about 10/11 stone to lose. My CDC said that being on ss+ won't slow down my weight loss but I'd like to hear other people's opinions of that. So I hope someone more 'in the know' can tell us :D It'd be nice to know and good luck with your journey :)
Hi Zanny thanks for reply ... So far so good I hope - I have been v v good and not given in I am even drinking the water - out of interest how Long does your CDC think realistically it will take u to get to target ? I must say this diet Is so much easier than I thought it would be - I
Imagine that this weight loss may not be as good as others due to it being TOTM but hope it won't make a massive difference . I hope u get on well on your first weigh in .... Let's see if anyone can answer reference switching between the ss and ss plus x


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S: 21st4lb C: 17st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 47.3 Loss: 4st0lb(18.79%)
Same here, so far I'm also finding it much easier than I expected it to be but I must admit, my head is in the right place at the moment to do this and do it now, whereas before I've always been yeah... I'll do something next week or soon(ish) ^ ^ Fatal plan at best :D but yes, I'm ready now :)

We haven't discussed target weight/dates and I'm fine with that because it feels too far away for me to think about right now. She did however say that I can expect to lose around 1 stone every month and I'd be ecstatic with that result! :D

I'm totm as well and although I've felt hunger even in 'K' ..which I thought k was supposed to resolve.. but oh well :p I've still stuck to it 100% so far. My first WI is on Wednesday night and I'm not expecting anything too dramatic this week but a little loss would be nice for encouragement. If we don't get what we hope for then we just stick to it, keep up the water and see what happens the week after ;)

All the best and I'd love to hear how you get on! x
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