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can i brag a little??


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well girls i know i have lost weight on sw but i never fully believed it 100% till today.

HAD to go clothes shopping because my clothes are so big on me now its getting ridciulous. well im not one for clothes shopping, been a size 32 on my bottom half and size 30 on my top half.

so with face tripping me up i went shopping today, oh my goodnes girls trousers (2 pairs) size 24 :eek: and my god a top in size 20 and one in a size 22/24.

thats 4 dress sizes down on bottom half and about the same on top half :eek:

now im not proud for letting myself get to a size 32, but bugger me im proud to be in size 22/24.

bet your all thinking im mad for been chuffed to be that size, but im sooooo happy.

thank you slimming world and thank you wonderful girls on here for advice and support love you all.

roll on christmas im hoping i will be in a few sizes less by then yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Absolutely FANTASTIC!
It's posts like these that make me smile!



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That is amaaaaaaaazing!! So proud of you. It must have felt brilliant today and I hope you have many more experiences like it. You are an inspiration xx
Congratulations Emma!!! I doubt anyone will think you are mad for being so pleased to be so much slimmer! 4 dress sizes is an incredible achievement!!! :D


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thats amazing, well done. Post like this help lots of people stay on track so well done for your personal achievement and for inspiring the rest of us. Im still waiting to drop a dress size on my bottom half (but i have lost weight on my feet!!) Congrats. xxx


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Thanks girls for replys, i forgot to put the good bit though.

i have only been doing slimming world 4 monthes and 2 weeks, oh my goodness i must calm down soon, else i wont sleep tonight :D
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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
averaging a dress size per month... thats fantastic! xxx


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Ahhh, brilliant! Well done you!

I can't wait to drop down to a 22/24! and I am so looking forward to that feeling!



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Absolutely fantastic!! You brag all you like!! :D :D
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That's brilliant! When I hear about people's success on here it makes me want to continue even when it feels to hard!


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Brag away because that is most awesome, hope you're beaming like an idiot :D
Thanks girls for lovely replys.

normally i pull the size tag of the coat hanger before i pay at the till and throw it on floor so people in queue cant see the size.im that embarrased!!

well bugger me i went swaning to the till and plonked them down with all tag sizes on them proud as punch!!!!bet the assistant thought i was a raving grinning looney! :p

ones bank account will be taking a thrashing now though. will have to limit myself.

im so glad this post will help encourage people on there weight loss journey, its not just about clothes and looking good,im doing this for my health and my old ticker :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


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Well done!!! That's brilliant hun! xxxxx


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Go girl!!!!
Thats amazing and made me break out in a big moominy smile :)
Im still in the same clothes at the mo but they are a lot looser, cant wait for my revelation! x x x


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WOW!!! Thats amazing! You must be so proud of yourself! Im a similar size to your old size and id be dancing in the street to get down to the size you are now! Can I ask how much weight you have lost?

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