Step 1 Sole Source + can i mix sole source days with +

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by slippedisc, 25 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. slippedisc

    slippedisc Member

    I won't see my consultant for 2 weeks. I'm at the bmi now where I could do sole source. I am currently at the end of two weeks of sole source +. I was wondering if I could do alternate days of sole source and sole source plus e.g having the 'meal' every other day. Think I will struggle massively to eliminate food entirely but would like bigger weight losses than plus alone is giving me.
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  3. evi1ang3l

    evi1ang3l Full Member

    Hi there i believe u can however i would be wary about doing that as might put u off all together some on here do SS in the week then SS+ at the weekend to keep them going i howver will be doing SS for 12 weeks straight to get into my holiday gear
  4. slippedisc

    slippedisc Member

    Thanks. Not sure if it would put me off. Might be the lifeline I need to keep going. Doing it at the weekend might be a good compromises.
  5. Mamaye

    Mamaye Full Member

    Yes that's fine
    I always alternate, when I want to nibble I make myself an omelette and few veg :)
  6. tor137

    tor137 Full Member

    I do step 2 3 days of the week (when I'm at work ) then so ss the next 4 ,hasn't effected me help me really xx
  7. slippedisc

    slippedisc Member

    Thanks everyone

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