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can it be done????

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just quick question..do u think u can be just as successful doing sw alone at home as u can going to group?? reason being im finding things very tight at the moment and while i want to stick to sw im finding it hard paying for group every week (in process of moving etc etc) wat r ur views??
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Same here, I have always gone to group. For me I need the group weigh in and support every week, but if things are a bit tight and you are really motivated and in the zone then its certainly worth giving it a go. Good luck in whatever you decide to do!
If you have any SW holidays left, why not take them all over the next few weeks? That way, you can try doing SW from home and see if you can manage it... if not, you can go back to group without having to rejoin again.

Also, on the weeks that you are doing it at home, put aside some money (whatever you can manage). That way, if you do need to go back to group, you'll have a little money put aside to help pay for your next few groups.
Im doing it alone - as a trial. I fully accept that I may not be able to do it and have to go back to group. But I find MM's more of a support than I ever found group, and I don't pay £5 a week for the privilege ;) Lots of people do it on their own and have been successful. I think only you know your own mind - if you are determined enough to stick to it, you'll be absolutely fine.


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I used to go to group but since April have been doing it at home & I'm doing better than I've done before! I think a lot find they need the support of image therapy (which I'll admit I do miss) & knowing they'll be weighed at class pushes them to sitkc to plan. If you are self-disciplined I'm sure you'll get on fine. You could give it a trial which means you'll be saving in the process & see how you get on. There's plenty of support on here.
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I do SW from home & find it easy, especially with the help & support you can get on here. It's no problem. You just need to be motivated. Good luck!
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for the past two times iv been i leave and say "Save £5 and do it at home yourself" then i never stick to it for some reason
so group is a must for me!!


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As said above, only you know how motivated you are and how much you rely on class. Ive done it on my own and at class. Im currently on my own and doing well, but i am super motivated for my hols. I liked at class that i would get a round of applause and congratulated for my hard work. I didnt like having to share when i didnt lose tho, wouldve rather kept that to myself. I also sometimes found class a bit distracting, i would worry about other peoples losses rather than my own, and sometimes learned bad habits as well as good. But class can sometimes give you that motivation to stick with if if youre tempted to go off plan, or if youve had a bad week, it can be what helps you start fresh the next week.

I guess you need to decide all the pros and cons for yourself and decide if it is worth that money.
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I've done it at home and know that going to group wouldn't have helped me. I was so motivated to do it that I didn't / still don't need the support a group can offer. It's up to you how mentally strong you feel to tackle it!
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sheepy19 said:
I've tried more times than I can count to lose weight. Everytime I'v e tried alone and failed. This time I go to class and I'm actually getting somewhere! I think if you struggle, then classes are a must! Good luck :)
I could not have put it better. But also you need to be motivated to do it with a group. The amount of times I have joined and not been ready for the long haul and to change habbits for good have kept sw in business lol! Do what's best for you and your weight loss hun x


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I need the help of a group, every time I have gone it alone I have ended up giving in and ended up right back at square one

I have a fantastic c and a lovely group and I always stay to image therapy. One week I had a small gain, still don't know the reason why however if it hadnt have been for my group i would have just given up and undoubtably ended up right back at square one.


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I'm doing it at home and use these boards for support and have joined a challenge, I think a lot comes down your state of mind and how important it is to you to loose weight this time, good luck and keep in touch
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Personally I find going the the group (and having the fear of weight in) gives me more motivation and willpower than doing it by myself.
But everyones different. If you feel you have the motivation then go for it.
You can pretty much find all the support and help you need on here anyways! :)
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Over the last 20 years I've lost count of the number of slimming clubs I've been to - tried them all and tbh I've lost with them all but as soon as I stop going to class I put it all back on (and some). It's also important that I'm in a class I feel part of - some are better than others! For me class is a must but what some pp have shown is that it's all down to willpower (or won't eat that cake power). I certainly think the support on these boards is excellent.
I need the group. I know the diet inside out and back to front but I still need group support and if money was tight, I'd do all I could to find that fiver a week needed. If it meant having pasta instead of chicken for one meal, I'd do it!

I'll be honest, you seem to have a rough time sticking to SW (from your posts.....) so I would say you'd struggle on your own hun.

Some people manage it well, and I've always said I take my hat off to them. It's not a question of motivation for me, it's a question of group support and someone else weighing me - i.e faceing up to any damage. At home it's too easy to ignore it.

Just my personal opinoin, of course!

sweet pink

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I have done SW from home for over a year now & have lost almost 7 stone. I have never been to class but I probably am my own worst critic. Everyone is different & some do need the support of a class & that fear of weighing in. I guess for me it boils down to whether you go to class or whether you follow the plan from home the only person that can really help make the plan work is you. If you are determined & motivated about losing the weight then give it a go from home but if you feel that you need the motivation of class then you would be better going for that extra support

Good luck :)
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I can find the 'fear' of WI at a group a real demotivator. When I thought about joining group versus doing it online, I realised I really didn't want to go to a group this time - I felt that, for me, it would be a real case of 'here we go again', rather than a fresh start. (I've joined WW and Rosemary Conley classes more times than I'd care to admit, lol - and quite a few of those times only for a week or two before I gave up.)

So for me, going it 'alone' was a positive thing and helped take off some of the pressure :) But if you think you might need the pressure that group provides to stay on track, then group is probably the way to go!

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