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Can somebody tell me please?....


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asre you cold?

i found the 1st week awful tbh and even now still feel hungry my family are currently eating their dinner, i am distracting myself with minimins and a bottle of water. A lot of hunger is actually thirst, are you drinking enough water?
Yes a bit cold all right, asked people today did they feel cold, NO WAYYY they said. I had really cold hands & felt chilly in general. Felt like putting on a scarf for a bit, but I knew the offi would laugh at me:eek: I haven't told anybody at work, and trying not to tell them what I'm up to, cos they'll be on my case.....I just want to do this and get it done with, and never everrrrrrrrrrr let myself go again!

Your'e body is a temple....look after it!:)


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sounds like ketosis to me!!!

do you have the ketosis dragon breath??

Welcome to the ketosis club...it maybe warm outside, but we are all wrapped up like it's December....great!!!

lol so true. and i got caught in an april shower earlier and froze, my hands were like ice pushig the buggy, my older girls were loving the rain.
Dragon breath....I love it!!!!!!!!!

I think I have, bit paranoid about it....chewing gum (sugar free) most of the day to keep it at bay!