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Can someone have a quick glance over my success express menu?

im having 3x success express days, i didnt get a chance to get my consultant's help this week so wonder if someone can check im doing it correctly?

today i've had...

B - oats so simple (hexb)with a kiwi
L- ham & pasta quiche - i used the quiche dish as my plate and put the ham & pasta as the 1/3 then served with some salad & some vlf cottage cheese. so the salad/egg was the 2/3, i hope thats right?
D- salad & some onion & chive cottage cheese as 2/3 with some chicken & leftover pasta as my 1/3

tomorrow im planning...

B-oats so simple (hexb) with a kiwi
L- homemade free tomato soup (2/3) and ill layer 1/3 of the bowl with pasta or noodles (is that ok?)
D- Stir Fry with quorn pieces (2/3) with noodles as my 1/3 and a syn sauce.

thursday will be the same as i will have leftover soup & stirfry.

snacks will be fruit, mullerlights & some carrot sticks. ill be using my 2nd hexb for hifi bars and i use hexa for milk. syns will be for hot chocolate & sauces and perhaps a bit of choccy after swimming tonight & wednesday night.

Any thoughts would be appreciated:)
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Reached Target. woohoo
Sounds good to me, iv'e done SE several times and its a great boost. xxx
I need a boost, desperately. I was considering success express or even fast forward.

Have I got this right?
I have 2/3 superfree food at each meal and 1/3 anything free on green or red (or mixed).
Snacks are fruit, veg, eggs, fat free yoghurts...anything that's free on either plan.
1 or 2 HE-A and 2 HE-B
5-15 syns.

Is that correct?

Is it just basically to encourage you to eat mostly superfree food?

I don't know anything about Fast Forward other than it's really restrictive. I don't go to class. I'm sure it's not allowed to post it, copyright issues and whatnot but if anyone wouldn't mind PMing me a few pointers I would appreciate it.
Thanks for the replies, i really wasnt sure about the soup..:confused:

yep hellie thats the way i understand it, mostly superfree and only a little bit of red/green.

must admit its left me feeling hungry - almost forgotton what that feels like! im very tired too as i did an hour of swimming last night (after just a salad) then Eve was awake every half hour during the night as she's teething...so i could do with a plate of pasta for lunch. im sure it will be worth it come WI on thursday :rolleyes:
I think the syns on SE are counted as the higher value too, if I'm not mistaken.
yes that's right, you have to count the higher syn value, so if you were to have something that was 1 syn on red but 8 on green you'd have to count it as 8 syns, also youo can only snack on superfree foods unless you count it as syns

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