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Can someone please check my food diary for this week?

I am trying to figure out if i'm doing this right or not and don't go to a SW group so have no 1 to ask really so any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Brek: Weetabix (B) milk (A)
Lunch: Mugshot pasta, muller light.
Snack: 2 Alpen light bars (B)
Tea: Mash, beans, 28g grated cheese (A)
Snack: Batchelors super low fat noodle, muller light.
Syns, jelly, highlights hot choc, freddo = 8!

Brek: Ready Brek, banana, milk. (A+B)
Snack: orange, berries.
Lunch:Jacket potato, chickpea dahl, cottage cheese, 1 quorn sausage, stir fry veg.
Snack: 1 Quorn sausage. Muller light.
Tea: Weetabix, milk. (A+B) (wasn't very hungry after huge lunch lol)
Syns = 0!

Brek: Weetabix, milk, berries. (A+B)
Snack: Rice pudding.
Lunch: 2 Quorn sausages, mash, beans. Muller light.
Snack: Fruit salad.
Tea: Boiled potatoes, veg.
Snack: Weetabix, milk. (A+B)
Syns, Jam and 2 mints = 2.5!

Brek: Weetabix, milk. (A+B)
Snack: 2 Alpen lights. (B)
Lunch: Batchelors chinese rice. Rice pudding with lots of milk. (A)
Snack:Fruit salad.
Tea: Boiled potatoes, veg, leftover rice. Muller light.
Syns: Jam, 2 slices SW choc cake = 8!

Brek: Weetabix, milk. (A+B)
Snack: Rice pudding.
Lunch: Pasta, meat free bolegnese. Muller light.
Snack: Mash, 2 quorn sausages, mushy peas.
Tea: 1 Jacket pot, beans, cottage cheese.
Syns: Jam(1), cake(3.5), hot choc (2) in 2nd slice of cake (classed other 1.5 syns as a B for bran flakes used in cake) = 6.5!

Brek: Bran flakes, banana, milk. (A+B) small mullerlight.
Snack: Rice pudding. (A for extra milk)
Lunch: Jacket pot, beans, cottage cheese. Rice pudding, orange.
Might have some toast later as 2nd B.
Syns: jam, cake = 4.5!

If i am doing anything wrong or if anyone has any suggestions that could help please give them as i am gratefull for all the help i can get, i really want this to work for me :) Thankyou :)
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I assume that you're doing green days? It looks okay. The only things I might say is that you're probably not getting enough fruit and vegetables and that if you find you're not losing you might want to cut down on the rice pudding. I know it's free but you're having it just about every day and getting some variety is good.


This is really the time!
I agree with Circes. You are eating well. But if you do find your weight loss is not as good as you hoped, try adding fruit, plenty of veg, salad. Check out superfree foods, especially speed foods. It is always best to try to get your 5 a day in, as it is not only a health boost, it is a weight loss boost too :)
Thanks for your replies :)

Yes I'm doing green days, this is my third week and i haven't done a red day yet, not sure i ever will cos i don't eat much meat really.

Thanks for your suggestions, i am def gonna try and have more fruit and veg, need to do a shop at the weekend though!

I see what you mean about cutting out the rice pudding, the reason i have that almost every day, apart from the fact that i love it lol, is that it keeps me going from my 10am break at work until my lunch at 2 pm, and i havent been able to find anything else that fills me up until then and was finding myself starving by 2 pm if i didnt have the rice, cos i have brekky at about 6.30 am. I could take something else but it would have to be quick to make/eat sort of thing as its only a short break at 10 am!

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