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  1. miss_mallow

    miss_mallow Banned

    Is it still ok to drink black tea when ss 100% ? .. are there only certain types of tea bag we're allowed?

    Also my dad thought he was doing me a favour by buying me green tea with lemon, im pretty sure this isn't allowed. am i right?
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  3. Shopaholic

    Shopaholic is back to finish the job

    I believe ordinary teabags are ok, but the lemon tea wouldn't be as citric acid interferes with ketosis...
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  4. miss_mallow

    miss_mallow Banned

    Ok thanks, that what i thought! x
  5. Uniqua

    Uniqua Loves being slim!

    Yep, ordinary black tea is ok, doesn't matter if it's PG or tetley. Green tea is ok on it's own, in fact it can be really good for you.
    With Lemon or any fruit teas aren't as the citric acid can knock you out of ketosis.

    Bless your dad for trying to help, how supportive is that!
  6. Lexie_dog


    Green tea with mint and plain Green tea are both fine, anything with lemon, sugar, fruits, seeds or flowers in it is a no-no.

    Basically if its leaf only you're alright
  7. boardwitless

    boardwitless Silver Member

    I love green tea & lemon and have had to get used to green on its own which was awful, then I realised it was the sweetner tablets (I had to switch from granulated sweetner too) - I had bought some cheap tablets and they were filthy. Switched to C*nd*r*l and it's much nicer ;)
    (I can't do without something in it)

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