I am on day 21... (3 weeks gone) and I had to buy some new trousers today as my belt was the only thing holding them up...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked in a full length mirror!! I have always had really large muscly thighs... from being sporty as I was growing up... today they were much smaller :eek:

I have never liked full length mirrors... they are the enemy (lol)
but today... for the first time in years it seemed bareable to look at myself without disgust.. and disappointment

And I cannot put into words how pleased I was when I was able to fit into a size 20.... having previously been a size 24...(only 21 days earlier)

So... I put up this new thread... to inspire new Cambridge dieters.. fill you with some belief (check out the gallery for much more motivation)... but also for me!!! Cos I'm so proud of myself for making it thus far!

So... for now... ME: :D

Enjoy ur similar experiences and cherish them! x
What a lovely post bbfm, so positive and proud. You are doing great and what better incentive than smaller clothes eh? keep up the good work.
Well done BBFM. With your sheer determination and positive upbeat attitude, you more than deserve the fantastic results you're seeing now!

Seeing yourself shrink so dramatically is one of the best motivators I know. Keep up the fab work: you'll be at goal before you know it (and a lot sooner than me if I don't stop nibbling! :eek: )
How inspiring you have been to me. I am on day 2 and if by the end of October I could be a dress size down I will be so happy.
You have done so well and have made me even more determined. Thank you.
Kitty xx
Well done!!! It feels great to go down dress sizes doesnt it!!!

You go girl - not long before you'll be in slinky size 10s so keep it up!!!!!
Well done hunni

Keep up the good work!!!!

Fantastic work hunx
Well done you!
You should be damn proud of yourself and very well deserved too.

Onwards & Downwards!!

Well done BBFM, thats fab news, size 24 to a 20 in 3 weeks is definately something to celebrate