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Can this REALLY work??


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Hi, my name is Helen and I've just joined sw online. I have work collegues who go to meetings and have lost really well but I can't make any local meetings (single mum to 6 year old DD and no babysitter!) so have decided to go it alone.
I'm really not sure that I'm doing it right as I seem to be eating an awful lot-and doing an awful lot of washing up!LOL!!
So far I've done extra easy.
So I'll start posting my diary in the hope that you can point me in the right direction if I'm going wrong-and because I love reading people's food and weight loss diaries!

B-milky coffee made with 400mls 1% milk-HEa + 2 syns for extra 100mls.

L-2 lean back bacon, 2 eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes all frylighted, 1/2 tin(big tin) baked beans and 2 small WM toast-HEb.

T-1/2 pack waitrose garlic and coriander couscous-0.5 syns, waitrose lemon and herb cooked chicken fillets-1.5 syns,pepper, mushrooms, red onion and courgette all frylighted.
Total syns 4


B-coffee as yesterday-HEa and 2 syns.

L-1/2 pack waitrose couscous-0.5
cucumber, tomato, lettuce, sainsburys sweet chilli chicken fillet-not in the syns calculator, had 1/2 pack so counted it as 1 syn. 1 tbsp light mayo-3

Mid afternoon (as tea was to be at McDs and I didn't want to waste syns there) I had banana, apple, 2 clementines, 1 small WM bread-HEb and frylighted mushrooms with 1 lean back bacon.
McD's-only had a coffee-yippee!!!-counted 1 syn for the small amount of milk in it.

Supper-batchelors pasta'n sauce, mild cheese and brocoli, made with water-0.5, small onion, mushrooms and 2 rashers lean back bacon frylighted and then all mixed together-I was stuffed!!
Total syns-8.

Does this seem right? So far I've not had any 'treats' as such but I have worked out the syns for a few of my favourites. I love my morning milky coffee and have 1% milk as its loads cheaper and DD likes it, so this for me is one of my treats.
I seem to have had a lot of bacon and mushrooms!!-there will be mushrooms today-making a beef goulash for tea but not any bacon!LOL!!
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all looks great although you need to have more syns :) at least 5 but its best to up it to nearer 10-15 when you first start so you have something to reduce when your weight loss slows ( as it does for some people )
I would also say try and have some food at brekkie , even if its just fruit and a yoghurt, its a good habit to get into and give you the energy you need to get through the morning :)


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Thanks-I'm hopeless with breakfast unless I'm at work and have some fruit at breaktime. Bought some melon to have today and still haven't had it so might make it pudding after lunch.
Looking at your stats you've done brilliantly! My boss at work lost 4 stone over around a year and has kept it off for 6 months. Another person has lost 3 stone since september and another girl started a few weeks ago and has lost 20 odd pounds and had such a large lunch on monday that I thought perhaps I could do it too. I've done cal counting before alone and lost and WW a couple of times but found it hard to stick to. I think I like carbs too much so pleased that apart from bread I seem to be able to have them unlimited on SW.
Pleased about the mushrooms-think I could be looking like one soon!LOL!!


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Thursday 14th april
B-milky coffee- hex a and 2 syns.
L-3 small WM bread-hex b and 3.Made into sandwiches with lettuce, cucumber, boiled egg and 2 tbsp light salad cream-3. Melon, grapes and mango.
T-lean beef made into goulash with onion, mushroom, tinned tomato, tomato puree and paprika. Jacket potato with a little quark,peas and cabbage. It was yummy and I'm stuffed!! Hope it was syn free-I think so?
Thats 8 syns so far-I may have a treat later.
Had to go into work today for a meeting so told my boss I'd joined up. Shes going to lend me her recipe books next week.

ETA- fox's chunkie chocolate cookie eaten very slowly with a mug of tea-6.5.
Total for day-14.5.
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Friday 15th
B-coffee as usual-hex a and 2 syns
melon, grapes and the half apple that my DD didn't want!

L-Very large salad-lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, sweetcorn, grated carrot with tinned tuna, 2 small WM bread-hex b. 2 tbsp light mayo-3 syns. Will have to get some extra light-if only to mix it with the light and save 1 syn!!


T-spaghetti, free bolognese, 1 tbsp parmesan-1.5 syns.
1/2 a clementine-again left by DD!

So total syns so far 8.5. Might have a treat later.
Pleased with myself as had a friend and her DD round and I had a banana whilst they all had buns. I did get buns that I don't particularly like as they were on bogof but normally I would've had a least one.

ETA-had 2 jaffa cakes-5 syns so 13.5 total.
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Oh has anyone got any ieas for left over roast chicken? They were half price so going to roast one tomorrow with lots of veges but as there's only me and DD it'll last for days and some variety would be good.


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Whoops-had another 3 jaffa cakes last night so another 7.5 syns. Pleased that I didn't use many of them at the beginning of the week!LOL!!


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Don't beat yourself up about the Jaffa cakes.... If you have had lower syns in the week you should be ok, and it is the weekend

I would probably use the left over chicken for a nice big salad with some bacon and take it for lunch the next day. It's a regular Monday lunch for me


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Right todays plan-
got skimmed milk now so coffee and extra spalshes in tea-hex a and 1 syn.
B-coffee and small slice SW quiche-yummy!!

L-small sweet chilli chicken-1 syn, with large salad, 1/2 pack couscous-0.5 and 1/2 tbsp light mayo mixed with 1/2 tbsp extra light-?1.5.

T-roast chicken without the skin (I'll have to give it all to DD!!), frylighted roast potatoes and lots of veges. Going to count 4 syns for the gravy to be on the safe side.
Plan to have strawberries (sweetner if needed) with a meringue nest-3 syns, and some aerosol cream-0.5.
Total should be 12 as my quiche is going to be 0.5 per 1/5 of it as I had to get low fat cottage cheese rather than fat free-couldn't find any! But only had a little piece and 0.5 is definately worth it.
Right off to see if my couscous has cooled!


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Well all gone as plan so far-pudding was lovely. Need to avoid the evening munchies now-think I'll be going to bed early!LOL!!
Hi Helen :)

You are eating lots which is brilliant! I've noticed my appetite not to be as much as it used to be, but you are doing brilliantly, list of free and super free food you're eating :) I'll definately be taking some meal ideas from you..

Carry on know you're doing and you'll see the weight drop off in no time!

Rozie x


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Thanks Rozie!:D

Right today;sunday 17th April
breakfast -coffee-hex a and 1 syn.

Lunch-lettuce, 2 tomatoes, grated carrot, cucumber, onion, ham, SW quiche (0.5), 2 small WM bread-hex b and 2 tbsp light salad cream-3 syns. Eaten outside in the sunshine-lovely.

Tea is to be jacket potato, leftover lean beef goulash from the other day, cabbage and possibly some sweetcorn. All free.
Lots of water drunk and 1 large mug of decaf tea.

So I'll have had 4.5 syns. May have a pudding but hope not to use too many more syns as I intend getting weighed tomorrow.
I get weighed on the ward scales at work and I'm not there until friday and, if she rememebers, my boss is bringing me in her SW books tomorrow so I can collect them. The week after I'm working a night shift on monday so will pop into work on the wednesday to get weighed (don't want to be disheartened by a gain because its evening and I'll have eaten through the night and drunk lots of water so wont be weighing at the end of the shift either.
I have to confess that I am a little worried about WI tomorrow. I feel that my 6 days have gone so well but I don't feel like I've lost though that maybe because I haven't felt hungry! All the other diaries on here show that it does work but I'll have to wait and see. I'm determined to carry on anyway-perhaps having a few red days to reduce those carbs a little.
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Thanks Cleogin! I have to say I'm really enjoying it-though I'm soooo stuffed after my tea-it was around 60% superfree and the rest was free, so hopefully won't affect WI.


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Oooh WI today-i'm a bit nervous and I'm hungry too. Just had my milky coffee so hope that fills me up. I'll have ,my breakfast later as my usual WI is just after having had coffee. Going to put nice light clothing on too!!


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Well I've lost just over 4.5 lbs!! (weigh in kilos and convert). I am very pleased and obviously it does work!
Good luck for tonight Sarah.
Having a banana now for breakfast then lots of jobs to do. Probably SW quiche and salad for lunch and then chicken with rice and veg for tea-tomato ketchup will be added!
Plans for rest of chicken are that today, with mash and gravy tomorrow and then a tomato based curry and rice on wednesday if there's enough left.At least DD will eat all of those and I can hide veg in them for her.

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