Can you have a little wine after two weeks


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I guys I got through my first week with no wine very pleased with myself I have a wedding in 3 weeks time if I drink wine will I undo all my hard work I'm planning on skipping the starter which is veg soup and just eating the meat and veg no spuds or gravy but would like to be sociable with wine or vodka and diet coke but I don't want all my hard work to be ruined what do you guys think ? X
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Go for vodka and diet coke rather than wine if possible, wine can get carby.

Drinking low carb alcohol (clear spirits ideally) now and then won't derail you, however alcohol is a form of fuel and your body will need to burn off the extra fuel before it goes back to burning fat. So while you won't come out of ketosis you might be slowed down just a little. Keeping alcohol to an occasional thing is best but you don't have to abstain altogether.


S: 18st9.0lb C: 17st13lb G: 11st7.0lb BMI: 40.5 Loss: 0st10lb(3.83%)
Thanks for that I'm going to try and stay away from alcohol until the wedding as its the hangover that makes me binge . I almost have a stone off in first week 12 pounds but I thought I would have had the full stone off but this morning I had 2 pounds on I was very good yesterday had nothing I'm not suppose to and drank lots of water and even did 30 mins on my treadmill what would be going there ?


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Hi Linny,

Firstly, well done on the 12lbs - fab first week loss! :D

As to the gain, could be water retention, or maybe undigested food matter kicking around in the system...hard to say. But if you're sticking to the plan, I wouldn't worry about it. Some people find their weight fluctuates a lot.

I should also warn you that after such a great loss in the first week you may well see a stall in week 2 or 3 - that's very common. It seems like the body has to absorb the shock of that big loss before it lets more fat go, but thereafter it should settle into a fairly steady loss rate of 1-2lbs per week.

Hope that helps :)


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Cor blimey go you and your 12 lbs!!! Brilliant loss :D

But Scrummie is right, the scales jump around a bit - so you're not doing anything wrong, stick with it and now just weigh weekly, and you will see the lbs tumble off! :)


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12lb loss, you are doing brilliant, obviously atkins suits your body.