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Can you remember your first weight loss compliment



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No one really noticed until I had over two stone off.

This week my husband said I look more like myself.:rolleyes:


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My husband said that my face was thinner the first week. Quite a few people have said that my 'boob shelf' has gone(but in a more polite way lol :D )
Well they must be walking round with their eyes closed fizzy u have done soooooooooo well so far xx


This is the last time!!
The only people who have said anything to me are people who know I am doing the diet, so whilst it's nice to hear what they say, I can't wait for someone who doesn't know to look at me and say 'OMG Jan, you look fab'.
It is lovely that my friends are so supportive though, and that they keep me motivated by saying sweet things :)


please try again
nope no ones noticed yet but my sister and her OH

though im not sure " ur arms look less full of fat" is a compliment since theyve gone baggy and the skins swinging


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a few people have said they can see it in my face., and one girl in work called me slim today. haha She's been a great help and keeps me motivated.


Step away from the chips!
I was told halfway through week 2 that my face looked thinner but tbh i think that was just my lovely friend being the wee dear that she is lol ;)

The guys in work were commenting at around 2 - 2.5 stone but its really now that i'm 5 stone down that people are starting to be :eek:

I'm off home to Northern Ireland in a week and half and it'll be the first i've seen my family & friends over there since February, which was about 2 months before starting CD so i'm hoping that they can really see a big difference :D

But have to say, like Jan, i'd love to hear it from someone who doesnt know i'm doing this diet :eek::)
I've heard it from people who don't know I'm doing the diet.
I think it's more to do with the proportion of weight you've lost - people could tell I'd lost weight because I lose it off my face very quickly, and I wasn't that big to begin with.


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someone said the other day 'my god you've lost a lot of weight' and that was someone i don't really know. but that's after i've been wearing really unflattering baggy troos for ages and then fit into my size 18s which feel tight on me because i'm not used to it. so i think it's more the lack of bag that people are starting to notice than lack of weight if that makes sense?

abz xx
Yep, know what you mean.
I got comments when I started to wear size 12 trousers, but not before.

Now I get comments when I wear size 10 trousers. :D
I got comments when I was down about 2 stone

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