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Can you use new WW system while pregnant?

Sunshine Singer

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I'm just wondering if anyone knows if I could use the pro points system while I'm pregnant? Can you use it with extra points to control portion sizes etc ? And how soon after baby arrives ( hoping to breast feed) could I start it properly?

Appreciate any answers if you can help.

Thanks so much xxx

Ps..... Was inspired by a friend yesterday who loves the new pro points x
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Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Thanks hun. Ill check that out. I'm interested to know about how soon you can be on it after baby. I thought that with the healthier changes in place we might be able to use it.

Thanks again x


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When i had my first, She was about 2-3 months when i joined and breastfeeding, but not sure if thats on the old plan, also a woman that comes to the meetings has a tiny little baby who she takes with her, which must be able 3 months max!

Good Luck and wish you a Happy and healthy 9 months :) (well 23 weeks and 1 days lol) x x


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IIRC they will let you join after your 6 week postnatal checkup, and if you are breast feeding you are allowed extra points - or at least you were on the old system.

They won't allow you in as a member when you're pregnant but I know people who have followed the plan loosely on their own. After all, its about eating healthily, which is what they advocate in pregnancy.


they won't allow you to be officially on the plan if you're pregnant. However, following the online version you can omit saying that you are pregnant and keep on following the plan. I would recommend a couple of steps:

  • put on the tracker that you are breastfeeding with additional food during your first 4 to 5 months of pregnancy (it ups your allowance of 5pp per day, so if now you're on 29, you would magically have 34) and then put it up to the breastfeeding only, which puts your allowance up to 10 extra pp per day (39). In the last couple of months of your pregnancy set the tracker up as if you were maintaining AND breastfeeding, which should give you an extra 6 points per day (45). In the last month I would also make sure that you eat ALL of your 49 points per week in addition to that.
  • make sure that you go to your doctor and gynecologist and that you agree with them these steps, as I'm no doctor LOL
  • Keep on doing exercise always under suggestion of your doctor until your doctor reckons it's safe
  • make sure you follow all the healthy guidelines that you would follow when breast feeding!
And obviously good luck :) it's such a terrific news being pregnant, hopefully thanks to WW you won't put too much weight on. They don't want you to follow the diet as they don't want to be held accountable if anything happens, but as my endocrynologist has told me when I told him WW didn't allow me to follow the diet if I as becoming pregnant, "they can't see what you eat and how you plan your food, you're an adult and can decide for yourself" My doctor was most impressed about the WW diet and told me that even if I was becoming pregnant I should keep on following it, advice which I will eagerly follow when it will be the case :)