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cannot get warm???

S: 15st11lb C: 11st13lb G: 10st6lb Loss: 3st12lb(24.43%)
is it normal to feel cold all the time I am struggling to sleep because I am flippin freezing I assume it is something to do with burning fat so quickly??? but does it end or is it just me not helped by the fact I work nights in a chilled section of a supermarket and now I have to wear four layers!!!!!

stillI would rather be cold than over weight!!!
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eyes I am really feeling cold tonight am sitting here now all glamorous wrapped up in PJ's slippers and 2 fleecy blankets with the heating on. I am hoping that I will burn more calories as my body tries to warm me up lol
Not the only thats cold then, been nice here today and kids are wondering if i have gone mad! Heating has been on all afternoon fingers and toes are really cold!
S: 15st11lb C: 11st13lb G: 10st6lb Loss: 3st12lb(24.43%)
I feel better now knowing that I am going to start back running tomorrow so hopefully that will heat me up!!!!

my OH thinks am mad he came home last night and said flat was like a sauna with heating on!!!!!

going to invest in a nice thick pair of bed socks tomorrow


I will do this!!!
im sat here wearing 2 pairs of socks, jumper, blanket and iv got a portable heater on full. When i go to bed i wear socks and i have a hot water bottle. Im FREEZING since starting LT. I just think of it that im cold because im losing fat!!!


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Yes, cold toes and fingers, heating on. BF is like a furnass so he keeps me warm at night, otherwise use an extra blanket ;)


a new way of living!
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had mine leckie blanket back on the bed for two weeks now! lol

i have started wearing hats and hooded jumpers again too, and scalves!...


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I get days of being completely FREEZING and days of being fine! Not sure what that is about.....but I love my hot water bottle!
I think I have got cold into the bone today I am very much against sun beds but at the moment I feel like it is the only think would heat me up apart from the fact I would have to strip to get on it.
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I am chuffing freezing today. Admittedly my fault for wearing a t-shirt. Might have to go out and buy a jumper at lunchtime at this rate!
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I have been freezing since started LT & have to wear jumper & socks to bed (even back in july!) This is one thing i wont miss when i come off TFR.
im always cold and since been on lt i am extra cold ,,, loads of roaring fires and extra blanket ... pjs socks slippers lol anything i can get my hands on
I was always freezing when Ssing. Have your water hot!! (or very warm). I used to fill a third of a pint pot with cold water then top it up with boiling water. It really used to warm me up....that plus layers, socks, pj's and the quilt on the sofa.


Always welcome new m8's!
I dont seem to get roasty toes anymore! I have a thing where i cant stand my nose cold and its always cold now!

British Gas should sponsor us LT peeps as we all got our heating on!:D

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