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Cant believe I messed up on day 3!!!!!!


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Well after such a good first couple of days I got locked out of the house on day 3, got in the car drove to tescos and ate lots!! I then thought what am I doing this for!!!!But I carried on eating right up until yesterday. Once I started that was it I thought thats it I am not dieting anymore.:cry: Anyway this morning I have got up with a renewed passion and am going to give it one final go. I have to do this and I really really want to do it so much.I am so embarrassed am surposed to be weighing in tomorrow dont know what on earth I am going to say to my LLC.
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I have nothing to say to my LLC.

I pay them, they are not my teacher or mum or loved ones or ME.

I do not have to ask for their approval or encouragement........

Hoever you need to think about what you are going to say to yourself when you get on those scales.

Why are you doing this? is it for you or others?

AS you may have read elsewhere I stumbled this week. My fault, my struggle to get on and try again. Do likewise, only person you failed by eating was yourself not anyone else.

Go out there with renewed drive and start again. I will, although it will be hard, I have pushed out the idea of disappointment for others and letting others down. I am still annnoyed at myself at wasting my time and money, but that is driving me on NOT to do it again and succeed.

Come on friz. do it for yourself.


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You can only do this for yourself.

It is not the end of the world that you messed up, it's a shame for you as you were so close to ketosis. But it is only you that you answer to.

You had a lapse and thats it, I know your feelings of anger and frustration but you can not carry them with you or you will set yourself up to fail again. Only you can decide if you want this and if you do commit to it day by day and enjoy the ride and see it as a means to an end and not the hardest thing in the world.

Good luck, we all slip and we all have to deal with it and get on with it.
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get back on... day 3 is by far the most difficult day as lind says u were so close to ketosis. i jumped off at day 3 every second week since feb, but am now proud to say im on day 5! it gets easier.

keep ur head held high and good luck xx
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Don't worry MissFrizz. JUst think of it as a false start, and give it another, proper go.

Don't you worry about your LLC - there is nothing they have not used before. They are there to support you. Of course you don;t owe them explanations, and they do not expect you to. They will support you no matter what. :)

So chin up, pick yourself up and dust yourself off and give it another go.

We're all behind you. :)
I can honestly say , I am now on day six and I am finding it easier each day that goes by , first time Ive ever tried lighterlife and Im just hopign ti works as well for me as Ive seen it work for so many others!

I expected to mess up but being only on day six is a big thing , so I say , pick yaself back up , jump back on it and keep going ! You have done well by making the decision to start so keep on going !!

Whoop whoop and slinky you here ya come x

Good luck hun x

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