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can't believe it what do l do !!


I ♥ CD !!
S: 14st10lb C: 14st10lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
2nd weigh in and a STS just don't know what lm doing wrong :( , I've stuck to my points. had five or more fruit /veg , exercise on a sore ankle !! so much effort for nothing :cry:what more can a person do. lm so disappointed was expecting at least a 2lb loss GUTTED GUTTED GUTTED
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Hiya (((hugs)))

Okay it can be many things

Points have you worked them out to the tee.
How much fluids are you drinking caffine free?
What are you eating/are you weighing measuring all thats needs to be?
Have you tracked everything that goes into your mouth?
The ankle are you taking any medication?



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(((hug))) STS is better than a gain so try and smile a bit. Don't fall off the wagon ((hug))

Do you keep a food diary? measure everything? if you don't have an online food diary maybe you can do one here for a couple of days so others can point check it to make sure your calculations are correct. Are you eating all your points?

Chin up you will get a loss next week if you stick to it :D


I ♥ CD !!
S: 14st10lb C: 14st10lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
yeah l've done everything, tracked all week, drank at least 2 litres of water.l even bought an electronic points calculator to keep myself on track not on meds of any kind just feeling very fed up at the moment:cry::cry:
Is it time of the month?

How many points are you having?

Many people sts bodys adjusting ,was it week 2 this weigh-in?If so did you do fast start in week 1?



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:hug99: It's just not fare Sasha. I really feel for you, especially when you have done the points tracking etc...

I know I would feel exactly the same as you, I'd be gutted, but please stay with it... it must be just one of those freaky things without explanation and you can only imagine that next weigh in will be a different story.

Just a thought, did you wear different clothes... I know they don't always make a difference but if you wore a thin summer skirt one week and a pair of thick jeans the next there would be a difference because of the weight of the material.

I do hope you can forget it and just carry on (easier said than done, I know)... sending big hugs and positive vibes your way :vibes: xxx
Very true about the clothes - My favourite pair of jeans actually weighs 3lbs on their own... I have my own Weigh In outfit, trackie bottoms and a vest top. Everything else is taken off!

I know it is disheartening, but I would say give it a full month to settle into the eating plan and see if it works. It could be anything that caused a STS. I've known my own weight to change by as much as up or down 7lbs in a week, then had a STS on the actual WI... no reason, the next morning it'll be down a couple lbs... Mind you, this up-and-down-ness is why I should not weigh in more than once a week!!!! lol

Don't lose heart just yet :) Give it a few more weeks, and see how you feel :) x

And take it easy on the ankle :) Best let that heal properly.



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Oh Sasha, I feel your pain, it’s like a boot in the belly isn’t it. :hug99:I am so going to follow you. I've been doing WW and my 2nd WI was 1lb lost, 1lb in total and like you I have pointed/written everything down/weighed it/exercised! Some times life is blooming unfair!

Looking at my tracker I would say I ate too many carbs and I really don’t think carbs like me. OK they were way in my points, but carbs didnt really like me on SW either. So that for me is the way forward for this week. Could yours be something similar?

I have been told that when you start to exercise that your muscle retains the water to stop it snapping until it gets used to the regular exercise it’s having. It takes a LOT of exercise and I mean body building way to get the muscle to weight a lot. So that’s what’s keep me going this week, instead of full of crap ;):p, I’m full of water.

Good luck for this week!:)


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Be mindful that exercise on an injury can make the body go into "protect" mode and store anything it can, even more so if you just start exercising.


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Hugs - but hang in there. There are so many factors as mentioned above that could have affected your weight at that particular time. I am sure that you will show a loss next week and that might include the loss from the past week. I remember from doing WW years ago I would have weeks of STS or small losses then followed by bigger losses. As long as you stick to the plan then I believe that your body will balance itself out over the course of the following weeks.


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All i would say is - stick in there!! Honestly, you could expect a nice big loss next week i would imagine! :) xx


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Bigger loss for you next week hun. Try to lay off exercise till your ankle is better. Let your body heal properly before you restart. Also keep up the fluids, being well fed and watered will help the heailing. (can you tell i have a health background lol) Fingers crossed for ya :)


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oh hun :-(

im so disapointed for you. i would do as someone up there^^ said and have a look at your tracker and see if you are eating to much bread/pasta/potatoes? when i eat lots of these things it slows my WL right down! also from a medical POV, stay off the ankle, you may do irreversible damage excersising on an injury!

hope next week works out better for you xxx


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S: 13st13lb C: 12st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 1st12lb(13.33%)
Ah hun. Theres nothing more disheartening than trying so hard all week and not losing! But then again its better than gaining is a sts! I bet it all adds up together and next week you have a huge loss! Dont give up.xxx

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WE can do this :)
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(((HUG))) ok this is why i wont go to WW classes.

When i was doing great, sticking to my points, it wasn't moving on the scales, actually this is the story of my life, REALLY slow weight loss.

Start measuring yourself now before you give up like all the times i gave up. The only reason why I know this is because i paid a fortune a few months ago to go to a clinic here in Ireland, the diet consisted of mushrooms, salmon, eggs, salads, beans (mainly all protein) and everyone was losing 2 - 3 pound a week on it. NO not me, i was losing MAYBE a pound a week or STS. I was baffled, the girl in the clinic must have thought i was cheating and eating stuff i wasnt suppose to eat? BUT then 10 weeks into it she measured me and i had lost NINE inches off my waist and 5 off other areas. A total of 14 inches, my leader was in shock cause it defo wasnt showing on the scales. When it doesnt show in the scales i gave up, so thats the reason why i give up all the time. But there ya go, start measuring yourself and keep it up. I am back into my old ways of eating and lord god i can feel the 9 inches back on me and prob more.

Dont give up! U are doing great :D I am just back on track yesterday myself. So this is it now for life. If it doesnt show up on the scales its more then likely coming off in inches. WISH to god i knew this years ago cause I prob wouldnt have failed so many times dieting, thinking it wasn't working :break_diet:


I ♥ CD !!
S: 14st10lb C: 14st10lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks hun
where abouts in lreland are you
lm in donegal great for surfing and RAIN !!!!

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