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Can't believe its day 5 already!!!! :)


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Morning skinnyminnies lol!!

How are we all doing today??

I am ok, actually have lots of energy! :)

Day 5 is here!!! Cant believe how quick it has gone already!

I have been getting my poor 7 year old daughter to take my photo everyday since i started - i am not brave enough yet to post them on here but maybe when I begin to feel more confident I will!

I keep looking at them and they are spurring me on more than anything!!

Hope you all have a fantastic easy day!!

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Well done for getting to day 5 I'm on day 6. My energy also re-entered my body and day 5. I kinda felt rejuvinated. :)


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isnt it great capp!? I feel like I could go for a jog!! - I wont tho lol!!!


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Morning Truffle, all going well here - surrounded by food though as I'm watching Saturday Kitchen and hubby is baking a honey roast ham (so kind of him!!!).

Gotno plans for today apart from doing next to nothing and avoiding the snow as much as possible!


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Hello all good people on day 5. Last night I felt really really cold with layers of clothing on and just could not get warm. My belly looks flatter and my trousers fit better around my waist already. This diet is great :)


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HI everyone, glad you are all doing well and coping!!

I am so full of energy today :D

Myself DH & DD are playing Wiifit plus, its sooooo funny!! I actually forgot how much fun the wii was, we are terrible - it has sat for months gathering dust!

I am tempted to try on my old faithful maternity jeans and see if they are loose but I think I will wait! I have hardly been dressed at all this week because of the weather and forecast for worse tomorrow!

Hope your Saturday is going as well as mines!!



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Also feel good. Have had the urge to cook though! Made so many treats with the children and did not taste a single one. I think they think it is Christmas again! Trying to put off shake two until 5pm, only want it now as bored, not hungry! keep going everyone, weigh in on Monday...


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day 5 for me too, and lots of energy been out clearing snow though its probably a waste of time as its due to snow again tomorrow, I'm putting my seecond shake off as long as possible as well, but not in the least bit hungry, ketosis has finally arrived!


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And I have happily arrived into day 6, wow, thought I'd never get here!
Glad to see lots of optimism, its been a tough week for so many with the snow, at least our CD journeys are going well x


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I cant believe you lot have only had 1 shake!! My god i cant wait for my 3rd much longer lol!!

I have my first one at around 8-9am, second about 12-1 and final about 5-6

I need to have the routine of eating it.

Thats probably why I am always hungry in the evening but I fill myself up with my water and coffee xx


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey truffle .. way to go day 5 ... im day 6 feeling ok, better than i have done :) ...
Have you tried maybe halving a shake ? ... then you can have extra during the day ?


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Yeah pixie, I halved them all yesterday but i found it harder to drink my 2l of water. So today I never botehred and dont feel as full if u know what i mean!! :D x


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I hear ya! I had the keto energy kick last night and ended up dressing up my dogs in different outfits made out of paper towels and blankets. We had a puppy burrito and super puppies (with capes). I got down right hyper and had to take a sleeping pill to calm down... lol.


Why Be Normal?
Hi Ladies,

I am feeling the ketosis kick too. I try very hard to space my shakes, so I can one close to bedtime - because a rumbly tummy will keep me up.

Truff -- I was the same re: the Wii. But, I think we'll do a family challenge tomorrow (my DH, DD and self). We got new games for Christmas we've not tried.

Trisha as Ase can tell you (living the land of big snow as she does) you are doing the right thing by keeping on top of it. Snow gets very hard to shift when it is deep (quite heavy --some roofs collasped in Scotland from the weight).

hope70, I get that way too. I think I become a "feeder" when I am on a diet. I bake, buy, cook -- all kinds of lovely things for other people. I think it might be sort of a Peeping Tom thing -- I am "eating vicariously". Works for me -- and other people think I'm so nice. LOL

Ase, if you lived in the UK I'd be tempted to contact the RSPCA -- but I'll probably just email PETA. Your poor puppies. (Just kidding -- I hope took photos and will post them.)

I think I'll go and have a nice HOT soak with some Yankee Candles burning -- this website supplies such good ideas.