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Can't believe I've made it this far... Must Keep GOING!!!

Hi to everyone!

I am starting on the CD (sole source) tomorrow for the first time ever. I have swayed between a size 12 and a size 20 for most of my 28 years, but enough is enough... I need to be thinner than this for my wedding in May!

I have lost 2 stone so far (October 17th to today) by sticking to around 1100 cals and going to the gym but have not dropped a single dress size - and the thought of wobbling down the aisle really doesn't do it for me <sob>. I even stuck to this rigidly over xmas, no nice food for me, but the fact my size is not going down has really knocked my motivation.

I was getting desperate and the fast weight loss of the CD seduced me to try it. I have always lost weight by calorie reduction before, so this is a first for me. I am not scared of sticking too it as I have a pretty big goal to aim for, but I am a bit nervous :eek:

I though I would write this diary to keep myself motivated. I think the hubby-to-be gets a bit bored talking diets all day and if my weight loss is displayed publically it might shame me to keep it up.

Please, please wish me luck... any support would be really welcome.

I am not too worried about goal weight as I am more concerned about size. A size 14 wedding dress would be OK, a size 12 would be even better..
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OMG, just noticed that the profile calculates your BMI.. over 34? Had no idea things were that bad xoxox
OK so I should have named this thread 'Diary of a yo yo dieter'. Story of my life so far.

Anyhow, as my signature can only be 350 characters long I thought I'd post a list of ALL my weight loss goals.

Apologies for boring you all, nighty night (CD counsellor coming at 09:00 tomorrow, eep!)

My CD Goals:
  • Survive day 1 Hooray! 31.12.10
  • Survive week 1 Yeeessss 05.01.11
  • Weigh less than the groom to be :) 05.01.11
  • Get to the 14s Get in! 05.01.11
  • Get under 200lb WooHoo! 19.01.11
  • Receive a 'have you lost weight?' from someone who doesn't know I'm dieting Finally - thank you Steve! 19.01.11
  • Reach the half way point - loss 43lb
  • Get to the 13s
  • BMI under 30
  • Get back into my old jeans Ha! 09.01.11 Can't believe I've done this already :)
  • Be able to view my own belly button (its hidden at the moment)
  • 01.03.11 - first dress fitting...
  • Fit into blue shift dress
  • Fit into size 14 trousers/black dress
  • Lose 4 stone
Oh god... why did I ever eat so much in the first place??? :wave_cry:
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oh big big hugs. I can totally 100% relate to the yo-yo dieting, i have gone between a 12 and 18 all my adult life. I am currently an 18 and at my usual 'heaviest' point, and going to start CD any time soon :)

Wishing you lots and lots of luck.....x
Thanks Purple, keep me updated on how you are doing!!

OK, so my CD counsellor has just been and gone and I am now the proud owner of 21 porridge, shake and soup sachets and 2 ketosis sticks. At under £40 for a week's worth of food seems quite good to me too, usually I could spent that on Dairy Milk alone. Mmmmm.. chocolate... <drools>...

Right, FOCUS. One pint of water down the hatch plus one choc mint shake (not too bad at all). Would usually go for a swim to make the most of my remaining time off work but CD counsellor advised that I should stick to gentle exercise for the first week. Think I'll drag the dog out for a stroll instead.

Onwards and upwards - bring on the bad breath! :p



this time - the last time
Good luck! I'm not starting until 6th Jan, as my CDC can't see me until then, but I am also fully motivated for my wedding! Wedding isn't until 2012 but my 30th is in may, and I ideally want to lose weight ASAP, then maintain it through to the wedding.
Losing 2stone already - you've done brilliantly.
I wish you all the best x Well done on your weight loss so far, I start again on the 1st of Jan after yo yoing thro 2010 2011 is the year the weight is coming off x
Day 1 summary...

Thank you both. Jayellekay, you've really made me think - here I am beating myself up for 'only' losing 2 stone when what I should be thinking is 'well done me, I've lost 2 stone'. Why do we lose perspective and are so mean to ourselves?

Well, early days but all gone well today. Not even slightly hungry, but I suppose I'm still full of enthusiasm and last night's dinner. The Choc Mint shake and the Apple Porridge were really delicious, which suprised me a lot. Some diet foods can be a bit artifical and bland but these were lovely (CD company isn't paying me for this, just my opinion!!). The mushroom soup was OK, but given the amount of water you have to add the bowl seemed bottomless - it went on forever!

As predicted, the water consumption has been a challenge. I know for a fact that I have burnt off all my calories today running upstairs for the loo (maybe that's the idea? Should have a warning for people who live in bungalows if so). I have a long commute to work each day so that could be a problem, I'll have to think about how to get round that. That said, I do feel better for drinking more - my lips aren't dry and I feel more awake, which is nice.

I am trying not to weigh myself for the first week - time will tell how long that resolve holds - next CD meeting is 5th Jan. I don't actually expect to lose the 8/10/12lbs some people seem to in the first week as I have been losing weight for a couple of months now, so it won't be such a shock to the system. Anything below what I am now must be a plus though!

I will be testing myself for ketosis in four days though. Fingers crossed for that.

Thanks to anyone still reading - good luck with your own weight loss challenge! I'm off for my last half pint of water.

Must repeat: The more you drink, the faster you shrink. The more you drink.....

Day 2

Well today I feel absolutely fine and very upbeat, more because of optimism rather than in Ketosis already, I think. I'm suprised at the lack of hunger so far and the three new flavour things I've had today have all been really tasty.
Its easier to drink the amount of water than yesterday as well.

I have read so many times that day 3 and 4 is the worst though so apprehensive for tomorrow...

Hubby to be had a bit of a pop, concerned when I told him that this diet meant no real food for 12 weeks. Easy to say, he's never been overweight in his life.

Still kept away from the scales so far, hooray!

Day 3 and the (I assume its ketosis) symptoms hit me very hard today.

I stood up and immediately felt dizzy and my head has been pounding all day. I have had no energy at all, thank goodness I'm not back at work until tuesday. Although the shakes and porridge I had today tasted OK, I felt a bit sicky thinking I had to eat at all. I drank more water and use that 4head herbal headache stick which helped a bit, but I hope this passes in the next few days.

I hope this is worth it. If I don't feel better soon and lose more than the 1 to 2lbs a week I was losing on my 1000kcal diet I really will reconsider what to do. Must just think of the wedding dress - but is it worth compromising your lifestyle for? yes it is, yes it is, yes it is.... I am not bothered about the food, not a problem, but I can't be sitting down every five minutes and feeling ill going to the loo. I'll give it until my week 1 weigh in and see how I feel.

Sorry to be so negative, this is just how I feel today. Onwards and upwards.

Day 4 and I feel so much better than yesterday, a lot more positive. I've just tested and I'm in ketosis now which is great. My monthly friend has come to pay a visit today so that probably didn't help my awful mood yesterday either!
I've noticed that I'm thrsty a lot of the time as well which helps with the water consumption, and my body must need it as I'm visiting the loo less often as well.

Looking forward to/nervous of my first weigh in - I'm convinced that I won't lose much. I don't think I'm that lucky to be honest!



this time - the last time
You're doing well so far! What day is your weigh in day?
Hi Jay, thanks for your support. Are you raring to go for the 9th? :) My weigh in is Thursday morning

Day 5 and I've had a bit of a slip up today - I got sidetracked by ebay of all things and have only managed two shakes and 2 litres of water today. Hope I'm not doomed for missing a 'meal'. It wasn't deliberate and back to normal tomorrow - my first day back at work for over two weeks <sob!!>. I do like sticking to three though because one of the things I really liked about the CD was that it provided all of your nutrients, which I felt I was missing out on on my 1000kcal regime.

Ashamed to admit this but sometimes the 1000kcal would consist of: 1 McDonalds Hamburger (250 kcals), 1 KitKat (270 kcals), 2 eggs on toast (260 kcals) and a few hot dogs (200 kcal). Weight loss, maybe - healthy, no. Nor was it curing me of my unhealthy eating regime.

I'm not sure if I'm dreaming this but my engagement ring and my jeans do feel a little bit looser. I still feel a bit light headed but not so much that I need to sit down or pass out. At least the evil day 3 headache only lasted 24 hours - enough to make me resolve to stay in ketosis though and not have to go through it again!

I've taken the dog for a few reasonably long walks and hope to start swimming again later in the week. The only thing I'm dreading is all the new January Joiners in the gym. The pool can be crowded at the best of times as its only small. Oh, I am a hateful snob, aren't I??

Best wishes to all xoxo


this time - the last time
Ooh my weigh in day will be Thursday too. Just 2days to go now! Can't wait to get started!
You're doing really well. Look forward to hearing how you get on at your first weigh in!
Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god

Just gave in to a cheeky weigh and according to the scales I have PUT ON 2lb!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have stuck to this religiously!!!!!!

Got to be a mistake, got to be
Okay, okay, calm, calm....

I have just had a shake and a pint of water and I was wearing my heavy dressing gown and it is evening (I get weighed on mornings)

Apart from this little 2lb gain mishap, Day 6 went well. My first day back at work kept me busy and my mind off food. I feel good too and am still in ketosis.

I'll wait until my proper weigh in on Thursday before updating my weight stats - I think its called denial
hey eek
dont panic you always weigh heavier at night. Im always 2.5lbs heavier at night than in the morning. The other thing to bear in mind also is that you have to look at your weight loss over a few weeks and not one week in isolation. I know alot of people panic when they 'only' lose a small amount in a week and they normally lose big the next.

Keep hanging in there and you will be a stunning bride - whats the date of the wedding ?
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Don't panic! I'm always heavier at night. Stick with it.....you'll have a great loss in the longer term!

Think of the dress....think of the dress....think of the dress..... ;-)
Thank you so much for the support ladies - its just what I needed to knock some sense into me! I'm so in control of the rest of my life, career etc (hope that doesn't sound arrogant) but when it comes to body image and weight loss I'm just a complete wreck :eek:)

My wedding is on 21st May this year. We got the wedding service and vows from the minister for approval today which made everything feel real and exciting, so not all bad today!

Jay, don't know what I'd do without you xoxox Can't wait to compare notes when you start your CD too


this time - the last time
I'm off to see CDC tonight - so I'm not far behind you! Will be starting first thing tomorrow.
(booked the registrar for my wedding yesterday - making it seem real despite the far away date!)

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