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cant deal with this its so very hard

i cant deal with this. its so hard to deal with everything and fight the need for food. my daughter is very unwell at present and i was down hospital with her and hadnt had any packs today so i really wanted something to eat especially as kfc is just down the road from hospital as is mcdonalds. how am i meant to cope with it??????????
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Hi Herts, sorry your daughter is ill. Hope she gets well soon. Are you on SS or a higher plan? I am currently on the CD810/1000 plans are they are fantastic. If there is a shop nearby, it may be worth getting some chicken from there. Something like the fridge raiders are pretty good in an emergency as they're protein.
Hope that helps. Try and stay away from KFC. You don't want to ruin all your hard work so far, do you?
Good luck, Hon. :)
you just do cope. it's not much help but you just do it. get some bars and keep them in your bag for emergencies. it is very stressful at times but you fight through because you need/want to. keep focused about why you are doing the diet.

i've had my daughter in hospital with chicken pox and my mum's been in and out and in and out and she's in again and her leg was amputated on tuesday.

food doesn't actually help with these life stresses as you feel just as crap afterwards as you did before you ate.
If you do need food then why not go up a plan, maybe ss+ with meal, and I agree with the above post that really the food doesn't help with life stresses, it just makes us feel worse.........I know from personal experience of my dad being in hospital for 10 weeks, and when there was talk of him going back in yesterday I nearly weakend thinking I needed a Friday night drink for the stress, then I remembered how rubbish I felt in the ward meetings about him, thinking they probably just think I'm fat and stupid and won't take me seriously.
I put on 2st when dad was in hospital, I went up a clothes size and felt very down, mainly due to my lack of self-respect.
Even if you need a quick fix, maybe a hardboiled egg or some prawns-damage limitation.
Please stay strong this diet really is the best x


Why Be Normal?
HUgs to all of you --
I am so sorry about your mum (GT). I hope she recovers well.

Herts the ladies are right... if anything staying strong in this time will help you emotionally and certainly physically (in the long run). You cannot control the illnesses of others (or even yourself) but you can control how you behave -- and in this case "how you behave with regards to food". By focusing on your commitment to the diet -- planning for contingencies (carrying bars, driving a different route avoiding KFC or visualizing the pace with rodents running through it LOL, making sure you have your water with you, etc.) you can do this. FOCUS on you, too.

The problem with a lot of women -- esp. mothers -- is that they fail to put themselves first in most (really any) situations. To be successful on this diet you have be a little "selfish". Not cook or shop the first week or so -- not eat out -- not keep junk food (that no one needs) in the house -- etc.

Example: My friend had a Party scheduled for the first few days that I was going to be on this diet. I apologised and told her that I could not come -- that it would be too hard. When she asked why (knowing she had done a VLCD at one time) I told her. As a friend, her repsonse was -- "Of course you shouldn't come. I'll miss you."

Oh honey I'm sorry you're daughter is ill,hope she gets better soon, please stay strong and stock with the plan but like the others have said maybe go up a plan for now so u can have a meal, I was my uncles carer last year until he passed away with lung cancer and I ate crap and put around 3 stone on coz I used food as a prop and I really wish I hadn't as I now have 3 more stone than I did to lose, sending hugs and positive thoughts xxx


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You can do this. I know they seem like empty words, but they aren't. You are capable of great great things and possess an inner strength even you didn't know you had.

It is hard not to turn to food when things get tough, but I try and focus on the fact that even when I have eaten whichever calorie laden snack I want, the problem I was facing will still be there and I will just feel guilty for eating crap. Therefore the problem or stress is effectively doubled.

I do know it's easier said than done and I have made some shocking 'emotional eating' choices in my time, but if we support each other through this tough times then I think it makes it a little easier.

much love and I hope your daughter recovers soon x


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So sorry to hear about your daughter - hope she is better soon.

Totally agree with everyone above YOU CAN DO THIS but you do need to stay strong and fight the emotional eating - or finding excuses to eat because things are difficult. Plan ahead - Get a couple of tetras (I hate them bleugh - but have 2 in the car) I carry a bar in my handbag - all just in case. Say to yourself I WANT this - I'm sure you do to. Also try not to anticipate problems - unless you can be positive about how you can overcome them - ie McDs just down the road - because then by the time the event happens you have already talked yourself into the fact that it is too difficult so you might as well do it!

We had 2 lots of horrible news (one of which is still ongoing)in my first 2 weeks on plan - my first thought was to look around and thin - What can I eat - then i remembered I was on CD and didn't let it derail me - And since then have been so focused and strong - if I have felt like a wobble I just think - well I coped with that so don't blow it now.

Keep going, keep strong - you have the choice to eat or not to eat and no one and nothing can make you choose to if you don't want to - We are all here to help too!


hoping for a good loss
Sorry to hear about your daughter.

When you feel like you can't cope just look at what you have acheived already sweetie. You are doing amazingly well.

Hope your daughter gets better soon

Charlie xx
Well done thats fantastic especially when you are having such a tough time of it - it is a tough diet but its so worth it. Keep going a day at a time and just shout on here if you need support - we all do!
thanks. i am trying to take it a day at a time but i got a minimum of 25 weeks to go so i am so stressed that it gonna take forever. but its 2 weeks today hopefully it will start getting easier now. my cdc told me it will take 2 - 4 weeks to get my taste buds to stop tasting other foods.
Good Thoughts -- one day at a time!

thanks. i am trying to take it a day at a time but i got a minimum of 25 weeks to go so i am so stressed that it gonna take forever. but its 2 weeks today hopefully it will start getting easier now. my cdc told me it will take 2 - 4 weeks to get my taste buds to stop tasting other foods.

Hi Herts... I hope your daughter is doing better, and remember she took 40 weeks to produce! ;) And, I think it does get easier (like marriage), but you'll still have bad days (or moments). Note: If the chicken slices were heavy you could done some bicep curls whilst you were hilding them for 20 minutes... what an epic struggle that must have been. I'm glad you won

25 weeks does seem like forever, but I think you've joined some of the challenges and that helps you to break it down into manageable chunks. As you said, "One day at a time."

I, too, have what seems like ages to go. And, I know (from having regained over 1/2 of my big LL losses) that I wiil have to (for the rest of my life) struggle to keep it off.

But, I also know how much happier and better I felt about myself and life when I was at goal. I want to feel that way again -- and be a fit and healthy wife and mother.

We CAN "Do This Thang!"

oh definately. i want to take my girls to lap land in december so i need to have lost alot of weight as at present cant fit into a seat and dvt concerns. so when i lost my weight i will b booking to go see santa with my girlies. my youngest is much better. the dr rang this morning to say they had swab through and its negative for swine flu positive for noravirus and she will be all better by monday tuesday. although she seems miles better now. so thank you for all concerned.
Herts fem, sweetie, it won't take forever, its just a day at a time and there is so much support here, you can get through this and hugs and much love to your daughter and to you, don't be too down on yourself at all, there is no reason to. We all struggle with this path at one point or the other, just keep going and reaching out.

Herts -- what a great plan. I had friends do the Santa in Lapland thing and they said it was "Memories for a Lifetime!"

I am going to start looking seriously into booking a visit to San Antonio to see my sisters and some friends who are there. There are so many I love in one city -- and it won't stay like this for long -- that I should not let this opportunity pass.

When I get it booked -- I'll add a countdown ticker!!! ;)
Motivation -- shopping in America!



On A Mission!
25 weeks might seem a long time at this end of it, but really it isnt. I lost most of my weight in 23 weeks, and looking back it seemed like no time at all. Well done for staying strong, Its hard when you have to deal with extra stress too, its like the body has an automatic reaction to stress when it comes to food so makes it even more difficult to deal with.

You just need to get yourself a little more organised, I thing cd do tetra packs? Maybe you should keep one in the car for emergencys. Although my diet wasnt strictly VLCD packs, I keep an exante pack and bar in the car in case of emergencies. Make a strict rule that you will not walk through the door of any fast food place, once you do are dead in the water. Junk food was my downfall, and I just had to stay away from them.

Wishing you fantastic losses and I hope you daughter gets better soon.
@Lynn -- Congrats on reaching goal and maintaining. You are inspirational to us on our way to goal.

thanks. i am trying to take it a day at a time but i got a minimum of 25 weeks to go so i am so stressed that it gonna take forever. but its 2 weeks today hopefully it will start getting easier now. my cdc told me it will take 2 - 4 weeks to get my taste buds to stop tasting other foods.
Yes I know how that feels - I started 28 September - 14 weeks ago, expecting that it would take me about 45 weeks to get there. But I've lost over 60% of my target loss so far - and if things carry on going well I could be done in another 12-14 weeks or so - which will be 28 weeks in total. I can honestly say that it has flown by and doesn't seem nearly that long. That said I set off expecting it to be next summer but didn't dwell on it - or it would seem insurmountable. The thought I hung onto was whats 10/11 months compared with the 19 years I have been yo yo ing and virtually permanently (or so it seems) on one diet or another.

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