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cant get in touch with exante

I really am fed up with them I have been having trouble placing my order all week so tried to ring them all I got was an answer machine and they said they would ring me back that was 5 days ago!!! then I e-mailed them and guess what no reply grrrrr.So I have ended up ordering some [email protected]!! it works out the same price, it has 5 times more flavours, you can have online chat with a consultant plus they take back and swap the flavours you dont like. it works the same by putting your body into ketosis and I can use it along with my exante until I am all finished. Hard luck to exante if they dont want my money someone else will.
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Thats not good customer care at all! Have you done [email protected] before? I've never heard of it. Good luck x x x
Ooh the Slim and Save bars look so much nicer than Exante ones! Let us know how it all tastes compared to Exante please..! xx
I have ordered a months supply of s&s I am looking forward to trying all the different flavours of shakes and bars, as for all the other different stuff they sell that does not bother me at least s&s have an online customer chat and are very helpful they even gave me 10 free banana bars and water flavoring as a good will gesture as I missed a promotion also they will exchange any products you dont like and they send samples out (sounds to good to be true) I will let you know as soon as pos x
Oh I forgot to say they do cottage pie and spagg boll and the price is the same as exante x
Holland and Barret sell Acai Berry products too though and they are ok aren't they?

Hope you enjoy S&S as much as Exante, mrsblobby x
good luck with S&S , I had a look at it a while back and got some samples , but i found the bars tiny and the shakes werent at all filling , and they advise to have 3 products and a multi vitamin or 4 products .. as the 3 products arent fully nutritionally balanced .. not sure i liked that !!! Good luck though
Did you email Exante or use the 'contact us' form on the website? I sent a 'contact us' message AND emailed at the crack of dawn on Thursday (as I had messed up the delivery address on my first order) and they replied by 10:30am. Maybe try the double pronged approach as it seems like your email/message might have been missed.
thanks for your feedback everyone I will report back when I have tried them all and we will see if I continue to lose weight, I have lots of exante too but I am so bored with the same old flavors so I will mix and match I mean lots of people on Exante eat the bars from leading supermarkets so it is all mixed anyway If I feel well and lose the weight I will be happy I don't care who makes what!! I mean it cant be as unhealthy as all the crap we ate that made us fat.
I emailed them today and they said that traditionally they were always a nutritionally complete tmr at 4 packs a day but then p pl because of the cost decided on 3 packs a day which doesn't make it nutritionally complete hence the need for a vit supplement if you decide to only do 3 a day and not the 4 which was thier original vlcd plan .
Well I was advised by S&S to have 4 packs a day!! they cant be responsible for people not following the diet, after all Exante say to have AAMW but so many people do not and Exante cant reinforce it can they?
in fact i tried to order some slimming patches and he advised me not to as they were not recommended with the vlcd !!
Yes but S&S sell packs advertised as '7 days full VLCD - 21 items' so thats suggesting 3 is enough and theyre selling them aimed at 3 a day instead of 4. At the very least its sending out very very mixed messages. No wonder people are only having 3 a day if theyre being marketed like that. If you need 4 a day for all your nutrients then surely they should be selling '28 packs, 7 days supply' :confused:

Skipping AAMW isnt going to potentially damage your health though

Really good to see they advised you against the patches :)
Hmmm I see what you mean well I will be having 4 packs as the meals and bars are only 135cals each . I am just so desperate for a different taste, I have a months supply of Exante and I have ordered a month supply of S&S so I will mix them when I am fed up with flavors and see how I go. I have been told the bars are smaller but I am getting the bulk when I try and eat an Exante bar at the moment I dont like the choc orange so that only leaves me with one flavor and I have had the same bar every day for a month lol thanks everyone for the feedback its great to hear different views x

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