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cant get motivated


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S: 16st6lb
hi ive been on sw for about 6 months ive just got my stone and a half award after weeks of maintaining and finding impossible to loose more than half a pound that went on for about 8 weeks ,you would think that now ive finaly got it that i would have more motivation but no , im hating the food starving all the time and just realy cant get into it i do mostly red days as i put on with green and extra easy tried both sorry to moan but im fed up :cry:
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We all get fed up drom time to time. You should NEVER be starving!! I know what you mean about green days. They make me ut on too, though once in a while are OK. You are probably finding it slow going because youa re not eating enough. What's to hate aboutt he food. You can ahve so much!! So much choice. HAve a look through the recipes. There must be things that you like. I made the portugese fish stew out of the recipe booklet in the magazine. Gorgoues. My non-SW other half loved it too. There is so much choice though. Chin up!


Mrs V

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Let us know what things you do like Hun and we will see what we can come up with for you. I usually gain on Green Days, but find that if you have two a week, it gives your body something to work at.
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Its sad that you are going through this, i havent met anyone that doesn't like the food on the s/world plan, i fill up on the most wonderful fruits and veg's, have you got a friend that could do the plan with you, its much better to do it with a friend, i walk as a hobby..that also helps with the loss, good luck with what you choose to do, x


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S: 16st6lb
hi thanks girls doing mostly red at the mo my consultant said would loose more ,seem to eat same things all the time have to shop on a budget also. heres a bit of a list of the kind of things i eat x usualy one from each list.

some kind of cereal , fruit and yogurt, bacon on toast .omlette or a full breakfast.

home made soup,omlette, sandwich.

chicken salad,steak mushrooms jacket potato, chilli,curry with baked bolognese with pasta ,potato.stew.casserole, fish and new potatoes

fruit, cereal bars,low fat yogurts,low fat crisp, ryvitas with cheese triangles

lol looks good now ive written it down but same every week realy especialy at the mo coz shes told me not to have green days,
totaly sticking to it but never loose more than 1/2 in a week and thats about once a month otherwise maintain.


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If you're eating the same foods all the time that won't help. How about swapping around your Healthy extras too?

Fish seems to really help my losses but I do feel hungrier on red days so mainly stick to EE now but if you're trying to kick start your losses I'd suggest trying to find lots of low/syn free snacks to keep your metabolism up.

How about some vegetable crudites with VLF fromage frais mixed with tuna
Tinned sardines on toast (heb)
boiled eggs
Mixed fruits & VLF yoghurt
Scanbran cakes? (check recipes, scan bran is a miracle for some ppl!)

Eat loads of veggies with dinner, they are cheap and really help bulk things up! Swede & carrot mash, broccolli, roast carrots, roast mixed veg and chicken thighs. Pork shoulder (on offer at mo in Morrisons) can be roast or cut up and added to stews, grilled as steaks etc.

Egg dishes: baked eggs, ratatoui baked with eggs in middle...

You should never feel hungry on SW and I would suggest if you have a day when you are really feeling bad with hunger but haven't got loads of things to snack on, try going EE just for that day and then jump back on red.

You want to lose the lbs but this shouldn't be a painful or difficult experience for you. The journey may take a little longer, but it will be enjoyable for you (I keep telling myself that!) ;) Eat foods you enjoy, eat a variety and perhaps add some pulses to your meals as your HE's to bulk them out and vary what you're eating.

Good luck! x


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S: 16st6lb
thanks for the help girls im feeling more possitive today lol till i get weighed at class later at least xxxx
might buy some scan bran never had it and will start eating more veg i eat a lot of fruit but maybe not enough veg apart from salad


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i'm feeling the same just now. I'm trying to plan my lunches as well as dinners and have some variety. i was cooking alot before and now i'm just chucking stuff together. I'm getting back on it after an awful week and will be trying one day at a time!


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Good luck at your WI!

I've read a few times on here that it is really important to have lots of veggies rather than salad all the time as the veggies contain more roughage. Definitely keep enjoying your salad, but up the amount of 'solid' veggies you have too :)

I made a scan bran banana cake today - mmm, definitely a nicer way of eating it. It tends to taste like cardboard normally ;)

Let us know how you get on!

Mrs V

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S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Variety is needed on this plan Hun without a doubt. As the others have said, try varying what you have and the weight will start coming off again.
Fingers crossed for later!



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S: 16st6lb
hi thanks everyone lost 1lb tonight which is the most ive lost for ages think red days might be working going to try the advice you have all given me maybe loose more next wek lol xxx


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S: 14st5lb
Well done on the loss Jez! I would vary your HEBs. They seem to have a bearing on weightloss too. You could have a 20x wholemeal bap with some ham for breakfast! Are you having two HEAs? They found that the calcium helps with weightloss. I found I was hungry on red, but that's because you have to eat an expensive amount of protein, that's ok if you have a big purse! Eat all your syns and drink lots of water, that will help too. And I've found that exercise helps too, (and that's from someone that would lie down in a darkened room at the thought!)


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Well done on your weight loss this week. i hope all the hints that you've been given wil help you feel less hungry this week. xx

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