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Can't seem to get the right...


G: 10st10lb
Hiya everyone,
i'm kinda new to this and doing it alone as i'm a student. this is how i have been doing is so far: having red and green alternate days.. e.g monday-red, Tuesday- green etc. I've been sticking to it ridgidly. Also, the superfree foods, are these the ones marked with SS?

I'm guessing from what ive read i dont have to do it like this and could just do a whole week of red? or green? Or have a read this wrong?

thanks in advance :D

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SS foods are SuperSpeed foods... basically eating more of these should aid your weight loss. S means Speed food and these will also boost your weight loss.

You can have as many green or red days as you like in the week so if you're a bit fed up of having red, green and red etc then tou could have green weekdays and red weekends just for example.

Some people see that lots of green days = good losses and vice versa.


G: 10st10lb
Hi, thats great! thanks for getting back to me so quickly-really appreciate it. I love how easy this is but glad its not as fixed as it seemed to me!

Thanks again :D
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I'm a student too. I was a bit worried about the money to start with, but I worked it out and for three whole months it'll only work out to be 51 pounds! I could easily spend that 'accidentally' on one trip to topshop :p So I thought this would be a better way to spend it.
Also I think you can eat quite cheaply - fruit and pasta and that kind of thing. Maybe think about joining! My first meeting this morning was really good :D
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I did 2 weeks of EE and lost 8.5 pounds! I am thinking of doing a few green days but could never do a red day ( I am a carb addict!) but yeah mix it up as you see fit, remember its what ever works for that matters - it has to be something you could do long term.


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Remember, someone who doesn't eat meat would only ever do green days - so pick the plan (or plans) that suit you - there is no rule, and the best one is the plan that you enjoy, are satisfied with, and feel happy to fill up on the free foods.

You could do all one, or change every day ;)

Superfree foods are the foods that are free on all plans - eggs, tofu, fruit, most veg etc.

Speed and Superspeed foods (labelled S or SS) are foods that will speed or superspeed your weight loss.

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