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Can't stop picking - mad at myself

I'm so mad at myself.

I have been good mostly whilst doing this diet, with the odd slip up of having one biscuit or something like that.

Yesterday and the day before I was really good, no picking whatsoever.

Today I even managed a trip to a cafe with OH and little one, OH had an apple turnover in front of me, he felt a bit guilty but he shouldnt do and I told him so. I felt fine whilst there.
Got home and pinched a small 'finger food' type biscuit that are my daughters, they are only 34cal each and uber low carb, but I then nicked another one, then three of those mini shredded wheats with apricot in them. Why am I doing this ? :mad: :mad: :mad: In total I probably had about 100cal with all of that lot, and I still feel annoyed with myself despite being on SS+

It's probably thrown me out of ketosis hasn't it ? :(
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This is probably going to sound daft but I chop up a bar into tiny pieces and keep it in the fridge, that way if I'm tempted to pick I get a couple of pieces and I know I'll be okay. Even if it's extra to your 3 portions it's still better than picking on danger foods like biccies that could take you out of ketosis. Hopefully you'll be okay and it won't have affected you ketosis but some people are really sensitive and the slightes thing knocks them out. I'm sure you'll be fine xxx
Very good idea, I might do that, just eat half the bar at lunch and keep the remainder in the fridge for picking.

Thank you for that.


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theres no point in beating yourself up about it now, draw a line under it and tomorrows another day:), i did it once and once i got the taste of it thats it cant get enough, better to be safe than sorry and dont do it, easier said than done iknow

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