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Can't stop today !

OMG! I just can't stop eating since I got home this evening !!! Arrrgghhhh!!

I have had my normal breakfast cereal and yog fresh fruit. Then lunch I had five cracker breads with ham and low Philly.
Strwbs and yog.

I went to my nans funeral. which was a tad nerve racking as I read the eulogy. It was a lovely summers day, but still very sad.

Since coming home I have eaten a whole pack of cold ham and mixed salad & coleslaw, huge bowl of strawbs and yog 2 bottles of water, three crackers and nuttela and a cup of tea !!!!

I feel like a huge bar of chocolate... this is my first major craving !!!! I have had in 15 weeks..... its probably because I feel alittle down after today.:(

Phil x
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Lover of Extra Easy
So sorry about you loss Phil. It's always hard losing a loved one.
You have been so good for 15 weeks and there is nothing wrong with treating yourself now and then. If anyone deserves it, you do!
Why not do flexi syns just for tonight and go straight back to your normal very sensible eating plan tomorrow?
Hey Phil!
I am so sorry to hear about your loss, you sound so brave with reading the eulogy. You're bound to feel low on a day like today, by the sounds of it you haven't snacked on bad things so please don't beat yourself up about it. You have done so well with your weight loss so far and not giving in or craving until now deserves a medal in itself.
So here is a massive *hug* for you... I hope you feel better in yourself soon xx


Bring it on!
Firstly, so sorry for your loss. I would almost definately say it's been an emotional day that's caused you to need to eat. Write it off, in the whole scheme of things a few bits (and it really is only a few) that you ate really won't matter. When you're feeling better after a good nights kip you can move on. You are absoloutely the King of this and we're all here to help.
Hi Phil

First of all I'm sorry to hear of your loss, and it's perfectly natural to want to comfort eat at this time.Just see it as a day off diet. As all have said above, tomorrow is a new day!

Hope you're feeling a little better soon and sending you huge hugs :D

K xx


Slow but sure....
So sorry to hear off your loss Phil, it sounds like you are in 'comfort eating' mode, and it's not surprising after the day you have had, maybe munch some more fruit or some raw carrots. X


I will succeed!!!
Sorry for your loss hun :( I was in same boat recently and it is hard so don't beat self up over it.

You're munches don't sound too bad considering. Just draw a line under the day and start fresh tomorrow.

Love and hugs, crazy cat lady ;) xx


Trying again!!!
Sorry to hear of your loss Phil ~ sending you big hugs. Comfort eating at a time like this is perfectly normal so don't be feeling bad about it, your SW journey to date is so inspiring. Hope you are feeling better to-day xx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Sorry for your loss Phil, these things are hard even if they are expected. (now puts motherly hat on) I don't think I'd be satisfied with your lunch, never mind a strapping lad like yourself! Crackerbread just don't fill me up at all. I don't buy them now as I have been known to eat a whole pack and STILL feel hungry!
Thinking of you Phil at this time, just be carefull that you don't comfort yourself with food for too long as this is one of those curves we have to overcome. You really don't need the food to comfort you, you just need family and friends. xx
Hi Phil - so sorry for your loss, but well done posting. As others have already said, you have every reason to "blip", but it really doesn't look like you've done too much damage. I'm sure that most of us would have done far worse in these circumstances.

Tomorrow is another day, sure you'll be back on track, and giving us all inspiration as usual.

Good Luck.

You lot have been so kind with your posts and PM's I have really fely supported. Today has been a bit better, especially after a good sleep. I must say I didn't hit the chocolate. I had a bit of fruit and went to bed. Today i have stuck to it and treated myself to some nutella and four crakerbreads for supper, which was really nice.

Once again thank you very your loving support !!

Phil x
Just saw this... And you didn't give in! That's why your diet is working so well Phil, because you are such a bada$$! :D

Sorry to hear about your Nan, I'm glad you got to honour her at the funeral.

(Last year my Dad died and then my b/f lost his Mum, so I know quite a bit about bereavement at the moment.)


Starting Again!
Hey Phil - sorry for your loss. Amazing you didn't hit the chocolate. Sounds like you could learn from a bad day's experience, knowing what your triggers are for cravings and how to deal with them. You really are amazing, I've said it before and I will say it again, you are my own personal inspiration!

Natt xxx

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