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Cant work it out!!!


I will get into that wedding dress!


I will get into that wedding dress!
yeah thats what i thought but wouldnt that be right in that 153 divided by 14 which works out 10st 9lbs?


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It's because our calculations don't allow for the 14lbs to a stone, I always work out lbs to stone to the nearest whole stone and then add the extra lbs... not sure of the science behind it but I know exactly what you mean xxx


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just had another thought.. when I work it out on a calculator it says, say 10.9.. that's 10 (point) 9 not 10 stones 9lbs... it .9 of 14..

Maybe i am just confusing this more lmao


I will get into that wedding dress!
Weight Converter

ive tried it on here too and it says the same!!

oohh this is hard!!!


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Hi emmie, the weight converter is wrong, you can't work out stones and pounds this way as it gives a percentage rather than a pound reading.

Just work it out to the closest stone.

It is frustrating...


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14 = 1 stone 28=2 stone 42=3stone 56=4 stone 70=5stone 84=6stone 98=7stone 112=8stone 126=9stone 140=10stone 154=11stone 168=12stone 182=13stone
ok i times my weight by 14, so 15x14 then i add on the 1lbs, so im 15 stone 4lbs,
you do this

15 x 14 + 4= the amount of pounds you are.. 214lb,

if you want to count down from lbs to see how much weight you are in stones then

214-14 then keep pressing the = button each time you do count, when you are left with a number less than 14, count how many times you pressed = and add the remaining number, so i pressed = 15 times, and the number 4 was left, so im 214 = 15 stone 4lb

hope that wasnt to confusing!


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I'll try to explain

153 divide by 14 = 10.9 (the .9 is 0.9 of a stone as there are 14 lbs is a stone not 10 so its not 9 lbs but 0.9 of a stone)

what I do is 153 divide by 14 = 10.9

next I say 14 x 10 = 140

then 153 - 140 = 13

therefore 153 = 10 stone 13 lbs

hope that explains it


I will get into that wedding dress!
i must be really thick i still dont get it lol!!

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Emmie you trying to use up calories on brain power!:8855:

morning sweetie!


I will get into that wedding dress!
Yep that was the plan!!!
morning hun how are you this c**py day!
i must be really thick i still dont get it lol!!

nah its cause youre young ! youre used to dealing in decimal. not imperial measurements.

so instead of using mulitples of 10. youre using multiples of 14.

so the .9 is a fraction or a percentage of 14 not of 10 (which is what youre used to)

so to get a modern calculator to do it

divide 14lbs by 10 =1.4
each 0.1 on your calculator = 1.4lbs

so then multiply the 0.9x 1.4 lbs
but remeber take out the point.( because were not using decimal here)
so its just 9x 1.4

total is 12.6.
round it up to 13lbs

if its .5 or over you can round up, if its less then .5 you round down.

your weight at 153lbs = 10stone 12 lbs 6 oz

its old fashioned long division :)

i have edited this a few times, to make it sound as simple as possible.

hope this helps
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its ok cos Carol Vorderman is on her way lol
Okay - the programmers explanation.

The reason the calculation goes wrong when you use a calculator is that the calculator works in decimal (base 10 - 10 unit make 1 whole). Stones and Pounds is not decimal, it is base 14, where 14 units make 1 whole.

The way I work this out is (A = Weight in Pounds):

Stones (S) = Bit Before Decimal Point of (A / 14)
Pounds (P) = (A - (S * 14))



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