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Caramelle's Food diary!

Hello everyone :) :) :)

I'm new to SW aswell, and I've got to be honest - it's taking me some time to get my head around it. It's very exciting, but it is a bit confusing to start with, for me anyway! So I've decided to follow suit and post my diary. Hopefully someone will take time to comment and give me some advice. Look forward to returning the favour when I get more knowledgeable!

Today: Green

Breakfast: 4x dark rye ryvitas (He B) with reduced fat cheddar (about 30 grams) & cucumber slices. Tea with splash of skimmed milk.

Mid morning snack: muller light mandarin & pear

Lunch: Divine jacket potato w/baked beans & green leaf salad

Afternoon snack: Strawberries & muller light

Dinner: Vegetable lasagne (free according to book).

+ snack: 1x Ryvita with reduced fat cheddar. Not entirely sure syn value, but I think about 4/5.
+ couple of cups of tea with skimmed milk during the day.
When I look at it like this I kinda feel that it doesn't look much, but don't be fooled - my meal portions weren't exactly tiny.

I'm so unsure what to do about my syns though? I've had some extra milk today, does that suffice? Not that I don't want to use them, need to find good things to use them on ;-)

Lots of love from Caramelle!! X X
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Welcome to SW Caramelle :)

I saw your other post about breakfasts, syns etc. I agree, it's hard to get your head around at the beginning, but you'll get used to it soon. I was going to say start a food diary, but you've already done it :)

I'm sure you'll get lots of replies, everyone on here likes a bit nosey and are really friendly and helpful! I couldn't be without the forum and all the lovely people that post on here now!

First of all, your healthy extras...on a green day you can have 2 healthy extra b's and either 1 or 2 healthy extra a's. So you can get another B in there. Can be anything...you can have toast using 2 slices of 400g bread...if your a snacky person like me, have 1 kellogg's fibre plus cereal bar/1 weetabix oaty bar/2 alpen light bars. Or if you're a cereal girl, have some cereal for breakfast. There's a whole load of other healthy extras you can have - so make sure you use them!!

Am I right in saying you used your HEA for your milk? And did you use your other one for your cheddar? If not, you'll have to syn one of them or use both as HEAs.

Secondly, make sure you're having enough fluids. When I joined SW, I hardly ever drank anything during the day, and then people started saying DRINK! So I've upped my fluids. Maybe start having glasses of water/NAS squash as well as your cup of tea. You may be running to the toilet a lot at first until your body gets used to it, but I've found drinking more water fills me up so if i feel hungry, i always have a drink first because it may just be thirst.

Make sure you eat lots of super free food. Especially if you do EE. Very important.

Now...syns. Tricky one. Do you snack? If you're like me and have a sweet tooth when you have a cup of tea/coffee or when it's TOTM, buy some funsize chocolate bars (normally ranging from 3-5 syns), some mikados (0.5 syns each) and some pink and whites (2.5 syns each). Or just incorporate your syns in your meal, like sauces and oils. Syns are important. SW tell you that you should start with having between 10-15 syns a day when you begin SW. A couple of reasons for this. One is so that you don't feel deprived. I know you probably don't feel deprived now...but down the line you might and that's when syns come in useful! Also, when you lose weight and then hit a plateau, it's useful because you can then reduce your syns so hopefully you'll still lose weight!

I know it's a lot to take in at first, I'm still getting to grips myself! But your food looks good, just make sure you follow the plan completely and you should be okay!

We are all here if you need help/encouragement :)

Good luck!
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