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Carb counting - labels or book?


Happily pro pointing!
I always go by the pack, the atkins book and website I find to be very american and mostly measured in cups and I haven't a clue what that means really, and everything is different.
Tomatoes for instance on the website it says 1 tomato (red, raw) is 4.3 carbs which is a little difficult as they are all different sizes, in fact they are 3.1 per 100g (as per my pack from tesco) and the tomatoes I have are only 70g so therefore my tomato is just over 2g not 4.3
I have done myself a spreadsheet with carbcounts per 100g for most of the higher carb items I eat and then I just enter how much I am eating to get the total carbs for that item. I don't weigh everything I eat I have to add, I am not totally OCD, LOL

There are some items that don't have labels and then I refer to the book/site or just not eat it.
Great, thanks Ali. I am measuring everything (not OCD either - I promise!) but that's so I can get a feel for what each portion looks like. I'm sure after a while I'll be able to judge certain things by eye. As a rule of thumb I tend to overestimate my carbs if I'm unsure.

I know what you mean about the Atkins book and site - I have cup measures but imo they are a rubbish way of counting as you could get anywhere from approx 30 - 60g of lettuce in a cup depending on how tightly you pack it in!!!

I'm going to stick to labels only from now on.

Thanks again, B xx

PS Fab weight loss - well done you!
I kept it simple really, for anything processed I used the lable, for the veggies I just used three mugs a day and that was it.
Yes Bessie, the KISS principle has always worked for me love. :)
and this :kissass:

LMAO Bessie

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