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Carbs and maintaining

ok so people have mentioned theyre a little bit worried about coming off exante after they hit goal... ive always found the weight bounces on if i eat carbs after a vlcd... do you think as long as i stay around 60g of carbs a day (same as what were having on here) that itll be safe to maintain and not gain? if they come from healthy options that is!

so the question... 60g of exante pack carbs a day is the same as 60g of normal food carbs?????? (not crap like chocolate)
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Thats a good question. Id like to know the answer too. I know with LL they introduce things slowly so you know what it is that makes you gain. is there an exante plan xx


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I think that seems like a very good idea... And gradually increase if you want/need more.

I think carbs are carbs as long as you are making the right decisions and having the naughty carbs on an occasion rather than all of the time! xx

Here's a bit of gen for you

Simple Carbohydrates

These are made up of a single basic sugar. Simple carbohydrates provide the sweet taste in our food. Fruit sugar, table sugar or corn sugar are all types of simple sugars. On consumption, these sugars are directly absorbed in the blood as glucose requirements of the body. Glucose provides instant energy as it reaches different parts of the body via blood. Simple sugars are occur in plenty in natural foods like fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products. In addition to these, honey, molasses brown sugar, corn syrup and maple syrup are rich sources of simple sugars.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates, as the name suggests, are a combination of different types of sugars. These take a longer time for break down into their elementary form and hence, require more time for digestion. The slow break down process, supplies us with constant energy for a longer duration. Since these carbohydrates require more time for conversion, they are constantly used up by the body. Therefore, sugar converted to fat is not stored in a large quantity unlike the simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates provide instant energy because these are broken down in lesser time as compared to complex carbohydrates. This increases the storage of broken down fats, which if not burned or used up, may lead to health issues.

Complex carbohydrates are abundantly found in foods like cereals, bread, pasta, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

You want to have a balance with both but more complex than simple.


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Couldn't you use the lipotrim refeed info? x

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im guessing its a similar concept... will do something like that. I actually think its so bad exante dont have an after plan... I am going to email them now and see what they come up with!!!


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perhaps ask on the lighter life website as I defo know they do it x Good info Hannah xx
haha well ive just emailed them... a bit of a cheeky one but not rude... asking if they could come up with a plan for me :p

and im going to go check out what lighter life say about this!
Cant seem to find it on the site, but have it saved to my pc, its

Week One ~ 3 meal replacements* + 1 meal
Week Two ~ 2 meal replacements* + 2 meals
Week Three ~ 2 meal replacements* + 2 meals
Week Four ~ 1 meal replacement* + 3 meals
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Hmm, thats really strange they have taken it off there website! It was the PDF that was in the total solution area, but thats not the PDF that is there now!

Anyway the PDF I have is a 32 page booklet!


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Hi Divster, I'd really like a copy of that booklet - would you be able to email it to me or send me a PM? I could do with knowing if you continue to lose weight when you move up to the other solutions or whether you need to lose all your weight on total solution and use the steps to maintain - the website is very unclear on this.

I'd really appreciate some advice on this.


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Thank you Divster - have printed it off and will have a good read this evening. Was going to adapt the CD steps but may find this more useful.

You're a STAR!!!!


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Thanks for the link - very useful!
What I don't understand is page 16 - daily food choices for solutions. So on week 5 I need to add a meal - fine - will do and can't wait!!! LOL but what I don't get is how much I should be adding - is it one portion of protein plus 4 portions veg plus 1 portion of fruit plus 1 portion of dairy or is it supposed to be an either or choice, ie protein or veg or fruit or dairy?
It is probably very clear to everyone else but it is just that it says to choose from the food selections - I am not clear if that means choose from the headings or choose from the foods listed under each heading! LOL



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I 'mdoing AAM this week and have always read it as making a choice from each heading. For example, yesterday I had 4oz chic ken breast stirfried with a cupful of each of the following, celery, kale, courgettes, broccoli. All followed by a handful of blueberries with 0% fat greek yoghurt.
I think the idea is to make sure the meal is nutritionally balanced.


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It's not very clear at all is it? Going by the CD Add A Meal week we choose a protein portion then we can have 3 table spoons of the veg choices and skimmed milk (I forget how much). So I would say that you can choose from each of the sections. It seems like a lot though. I might be wrong, maybe email Exante to check.

I got that booklet sent in my bumper box when I ordered it. But it was last year, have they stopped sending them out now?

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