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Carlz's working girl Diary!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Carlz1983, 31 August 2010 Social URL.

  1. Carlz1983

    Carlz1983 Party Girl

    Slimmers word
    Heyah decided to do this diary for myself to see what im eating and for other people to see (or help me!!:wave_cry:) After a heavy weekend here we go..


    B/Fast - Mandarin Mullerlight (free)
    Lunch - Beans and sausage (are sausage counted as free?) on one slice of brown bread with bit of butter
    Tea - WILL be pasta with homemade veggie sauce - (tinned toms, garlic, onion, soy sauce, corgettes, carrot and any other veggies lying around plus spinach)

    SNACKS - Light laughing cow slices with grapes

    does anyone by the way know does anyone know anything about JOHN WEST Tuna snack packs? They are like a lil meal in a tub with tuna and tomato sauce?

    AS i only get a half an hour break trying to find quick fixes for dinner, I do have a micro and toaster. So watch this space for ideas.
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  3. Carlz1983

    Carlz1983 Party Girl

    Slimmers word
    Today feeling like crap but hey thats what happens when ur neighbours are crazy and shout at each other at 6am!!

    B/F - Banana and Mullerlight
    Dinner - Baked potato with toms and cottage cheese and pineapple light choices asda (free I hope)
    Tea - Tatw Pum Muned (welsh for potatoes, onions, bacon slices and stock cooked in slow cooker for a while)
    3 x cup of tea with sweetner
    pack of snack a jacks with light philly on top

    Getting all my books back tomor - just need a food directory! Check in tomor :)
  4. Carlz1983

    Carlz1983 Party Girl

    Slimmers word
    Still feeling like poo but here we go:

    BF - Madarin mullerlight and banana
    cup of tea with sweetner

    lunch - Baked potatoe with beans and cheese ( I couldnt stop myself :( )

    Tea - Prawn salad

    snacks - Asda curls

    bad snack - flapjack (It was given to me? work :eek:
  5. Twizzle

    Twizzle Full Member

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    Slimming World Extra Easy
    If the cheese was your HEA, then the jacket potato isn't bad ( I had the same for lunch today, definitely didn't taste like diet :D )
  6. Carlz1983

    Carlz1983 Party Girl

    Slimmers word
    Ok So im planning my meals for the week to come. The lunches have to be super easy because I only get half an hour, or they can be done the night before!

    Monday - Green
    Mullerlight yogurt and banana (free)
    Cup of tea (milk HE)
    Beans on toast (1 slice healthy Extra b)
    Chilli con carne (quorn version free on green)

    Special K sustain with milk (he 1a and 1b) and cup of tea with sweetner

    Tuna sarnie on brown bread (healthy extra) n extra light mayo (1.5 syns)

    Beef meatballs made with toms, onions, garlic, cornflower, soy sauce n woster sauce, and brown spagetti (HEb 2)

    Special K sustain with Milk (HEa HEb)

    Baked potato with Tesco low fat cottage cheese with pineapple, toms, salad

    Pasta with quorn mince made with sauce (toms, onions, garlic, corgette, carrots, mushrooms) and cheese on top (HEb)

    Thats my first 3 days. My snacks intend to be

    Grapes - free
    Rainbow drops 2 syns
    Safari pops - free
    chuba chups 1.5 syns
    Mullerlight yogurt - free
    Apples - free
    plain rice cakes with extra light laughing cow on the top (1.5 syns for rice cake n using laughing cow as healthy extra)
    Tesco version of quavers 3.5
    Crab stix - 1.0 (free on red) dipped in prawn sauce (tom passata with extra light mayo)
    Mini Milks 1.5
    Snack a jacks with laughing cow on top

    Twizzle - Beans and cheese baked potato is just great, dont want to wear it out!!
  7. Carlz1983

    Carlz1983 Party Girl

    Slimmers word
    Did not tooooo bad yesterday

    Made my own soup for the week that is lovely - I used stock cubes tho, I hope this is ok, bovril just doesnt cut it for me.

    I had -

    1 weetabix (heb1) and skimmed milk (HE1) with Tea n sweetner
    Tuna sarni (heb2)
    Homemade spag bol - it was lovely

    my syns
    brown spagetti
    cornflower 1.0 tbsp
    Tomato puree 1.5 tbsp
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