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CarolineM's new improved diary


Stubborn and doing it
Yesterday, I had my first 100% day in ages. So chuffed and hope I can maintain it.

Off to mother's today - going to be careful what I eat, i.e. save most of calories for mother's dinner.

I don't DC on a Saturday - no point since I'm only hope for breakfast.

Started today with a chicken, watercress and tomato salad with honey and mustard mayo for breakfast - ah, perhaps a little bit weird but it is often the only time I fancy a salad.

Am focused and aiming to get down below the 18 stone and into the 17s before Easter. No chocolate eggs for me - done that, been there, don't need to do it again :D

Hope everyone is having a great time and doing well.

There appear to be a few missing in action right now - I hope they return - I miss you all :(

Have a good weekend all :grouphugg:
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Hey Caroline!
Go you!! I love it when I feel all inspired! I am doing ok, but think I have stayed the same this week as I had a large cookie!!! Woops! Work has been reallly full on and I have not had anytime to myself, so hopefully next week will be better!

Have a nice day at your Mum's.


maintaining since June'09
I'm posting at weird times this weekend because I'm working but I'm still here!!!!!

Well done on your 100%day Caroline! First of many I'm sure. I bet you managed great at your Mum's too! I think this new diary is a really good idea.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend - although the weather isn't looking too inspiring I know! xx


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:) Hi girlies I am still here - well done Caroline on your 100% and Jan - fab new photo!! Is your hair different ?? A new style - you look fantastic ! and Jessica well done again on your awe-inspiring weight loss !! It is amazing :p (As said on your thread !!)

But I aggree it is much quieter these days ! and I often wonder how everyone else is doing (I am just so nosy !!).

I may not get back on today as have to prepare for an interview tomorrow - lots of positive thoughts please ++++;)

I will let you know how it goes !


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well done Caroline, at the end of the day, when this diet is over, we all have to go back to eating in a normal way, sooo well done, it just shows you know how to balance both DC & eating other foods , enjoy round Mum's :)


Stubborn and doing it
Morning all :D

Yo, Jess :) I'm sure one cookie shouldn't have too much of an effect if you've been good the rest of the week. I'm still amazed at how well you are doing and that you are still getting good loses. What you been up to? Not seen you on MSN - but then I've been so busy I wouldn't have been able to talk - members of the team on hols which means more work for the rest of us hehe! How did WI go?

Wow, Jan you look incredible! Is that a recent photo cos you look very different in the face? Good luck with WI tomorrow :D

Laura :D Good luck with the interview - will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well and that the interviewer takes an instant liking to you.

Slimsea - how are you getting on? Are you liking the DC stuff?

Was sad to see they are discontinuing the meal pots but have seen some in Booths in Knutsford so may check out the local supermarkets in the week to see if they have some.

Well, yep, I ate loads at mum's. It's a guilt thing. I don't want to upset her. But I've come to realise that her idea of what people should eat in a day is a lot. Right now, being the weight I am I should be able to get away with having a day off but as the weight shifts I am going to have to sit down and have a word with mother. Dad dying had been rough for her obviously but there is light at the end of the tunnel now. I know that at the moment, mum wanting to cook for us and feeding us a lot is a comfort for her - it makes her happy I can tell. Perhaps no longer having dad to fuss over means that we now fill that slot in her life. A few months down the line and with the brighter days around, it may be easier to tackle her then and explain. I admit to feeling vulnerable re mum at times - no one likes seeing their mother looking so devastated as she has been. The recent glow that she has had over the last month and this new found energy meaning she is cooking again, even for herself at times, is something I don't want to mess with right now. Hope that makes sense - I think I really needed to get that out of my system :)

Right better get on with my assignment - I am procrastinating big time ;) Not sure I am enjoying the course anymore, but only got to last until June.

Chin chin :D


maintaining since June'09
Ooooo - nice chatty thread to log onto in the middle of the night! (Especially as there are compliments for me flying around! ;):))

Re photo - thank you very much for noticing! I got DH to take it yesterday as I didn't like the one that was up. It was only taken in November but I didn't like the hair. I've been trying to find a style that's DEAD easy to manage as I'm having swimming lessons and there are no dryers at the baths so it's either blast away with a hand dryer (WAY too forceful!) or leave to dry naturally. I think I may have finally found it! Hope so anyway.

I know the other alternative is to come home, re-wash and style properly but that's too much like hard work! :) I'm looking ahead and hoping that I'm going to get into the habit of swimming a few times a week ..... when I CAN swim that is! I know that having to mess too much with my hair will just put me off. God knows I don't need much to put me off any form of exercise. I didn't get into this state by being athletic believe me! ;)

Laura! Loads of positive vibes and Reiki energy winging its way to you tonight and tomorrow so you can't fail!!!

Caroline! I know exactly what you mean about your mum with the food thing, the losing dad thing - the lot! It can be very difficult. I'm glad she's getting back to having a glow, that must be lovely to see.

Hope you got your assignment done or are getting it done okay.

Slimsea! How are you getting on? xx


Stubborn and doing it
Well, I didn't do my assignment cos I was far too lazy - sometimes I need the pressure of being near the deadline to get me in gear. Been working on it today.

Jan - I love having my hair short. Just get out of bed and voila hehe! Or even bedhead lol Nothing beats a morning bedhead :p

Ah Shep :( *hugs* Hope things get better. If you need to chat, just send a PM. You will crack it, honest.

Had a good day today - tried the Chicken and Lemon Thyme Soup and it was nice but left me wondering where the chicken was. I prefer a more chunky chicken soup.

Work has been mega-busy today which is nice.

Not a lot to report really - good job people chat in this thread otherwise there'd be nothing in it lol

Here's to another 100% day - yep, counting my chickens a few hours early, but I'm in the mood for my planned dinner of chilli beef with mushrooms.


maintaining since June'09
More ***hugs*** for Shep xxx

Well done on your 100% Caroline - definitely back in the 'zone' :) xx


maintaining since June'09
WOW Slimseaa!!! How fantastic is that?????? You must feel great and so you should! Keep up the good work :):) xx
Thanks Jan, i do feel gr8 & already a lot lighter (although) i still have a lot to lose, but am glad that i have a lot more control. thank you guys for all ur support and keep up with the good work.
Result !! :D

Well done Slimseaa that is FAB !!!

I love this way of eating - I don't tend to call it a diet as it is more a controlled way of eating smaller portions of tasty food and veg ! Have WI later on this morning ! But need to go to bed first !

Will hear about interview Tuesday morning !!


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Result !! :D

Well done Slimseaa that is FAB !!!

I love this way of eating - I don't tend to call it a diet as it is more a controlled way of eating smaller portions of tasty food and veg ! Have WI later on this morning ! But need to go to bed first !

Will hear about interview Tuesday morning !!
Good luck with wi and interview results.


Stubborn and doing it
Well done on all the loses :D

Today has been so so busy not had time to even think about much, except work.

I'm totally shattered but can see another 100% day again :D

Sorry this isn't longer but I'm so tired. I love days like this - makes me feel like I've actually worked a day hehe!


maintaining since June'09
Well done on another 100% Caroline!! You're rockin' now girl ;)

Good luck Laura - let's know how you get on WI & Interview!! x
Thanks Slimseaa - but is was not to be this time and although partly I am disappointed I am also partly pleased !! See other thread !!


Stubborn and doing it
Phew, busy busy busy!

Another 100% day again no doubt cos I'm in the zone, and long may it remain that way.

Got one evil stomach though - maybe too much caffeine, I'm just too addicted.

Hope you are all doing okay :)

Chicken curry for me tonight - yum :D

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