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Cars? Anyone?


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myself and OH are into off roading
ive got a quad bike:D,its can am ds 250,its so much fun! i havnt got it road legal ...yet! but will be on the road in the next few months.its really funny to see people faces when they realise that im a girl when i take off my helmet!
i also have a little vitara with huge wheels!:) OH has a MX bike a kx 250 and he drives an astra gsi that he does loads of cars shows with,im sure he loves it more than me!:D and he has a crappy run about work car.
we are getting a supra next year in about may....:D:D:D
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My dream car is an Aston Martin DB9 but I'd never be able to drive it - I'd be far too scared:(

:DI had my forever fab car which was a Volvo convertible (soft top) not the horrid new hard top version! I had to sell 'due to redundancy & I'll never get a replacement - but if I could ever afford a new car again I swear I'm gonna buy a new Fiat 500 - my very first car was a Fiat 500.:p


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I love cars but not blessed enough with enough pennys to buy a fab car but even if i did it would be a vw samba.I LOVE vw cars,campers...had a mk2 golf gti,mk3 gti and currently saving for my first beetle :) which i should be buying in next 2 months...im very excited LOL


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Ive got a fiat punto sport (in yellow) and OH has got a Vauxhall Astra SRI CDTI (in black) I prefer driving his to mine, leather seats, heated seats, MP3 player, 6 gears, the list goes on! We also have 2 bikes (well he does) GSXR and another one thats old!.......... oh and a jet ski!! x


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I've got a MX5, been driving it for 8 years now. I haven't driven anything else that will beat it on handling. Although I'm saving up for a S2000 (bit of a theme going on here!)

My other half has a Williams phase 2 Clio, that's been seriously played with by GDI's. It's now got a turbo and everything else has been upgraded to match. The acceleration is unbelivable, a bit like being on a rollercoaster.



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I love my M3 convertible - in phoenix yellow, previously had a 330 ci m sport convertible, before that an RX8 and before that a TT


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hi there ! my dream car .... well i would love an astin martin !! but reality it would be a focus st in orange .i have a focus ghia now and its the best car i ever had , its the only one that past its m.o.t four times on the trot since had it, it comfortable never lets me down,goes FAST . and i love it !!!!!!!

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Oooh an Aston Martin DB9, Bugatti Veyron and a Mclaren SLR! All cars I could never afford but drool over.

At the moment I drive a Vauxhall Astra 1.9 sport hatch which I love, and the next car that I have my eye on is a Merc CLC Coupe.


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Im into my classics .. I have owned a few classic minis in my time ..
Now own a VW camper :D
Wish list :
fiat 500 :cool:
r64 :D


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I love convertibles currently have a 330 and before that had a 328. My dream car is a porche but don't think I'll ever get one now:cry:

My daughter has just passed her driving test and would love an Aston but is actually getting a Micra and the insurance on that is unbelievable:eek:


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resurrecting an old thread!

i'm a dirty weekend girl, ingredients for a great weekend for me is my mk1 pajero, like minded friends, camping somewhere interesting/ and some nice mud play, great fun we have!


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Been a long time since i've been able to go to a show! JAE and Santa Pod Jap Fest were my favorite calander dates!

My faveorite car will always be a Nissan Skyline R34 GTR in midnight purple :giggle: Unfortunately i drive a Ford....not very Jap!!! :(


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Hubby and I love cars, we met through the Smart Car forum, we both had Smarts. Been together 7 year now, married for 4.

We've had loads of cars, my fav was a MK1 Ford Granada, like the one's they had in The Sweeney TV show.

ATM we have 6 cars, 5 Alfa Romeo's (2 x 75, GTV6, 145, 155) and my lil' Smart.

We are members of AROC and go to lots of shows. One of our 75's, Minty was featured on Top Gear :D

That's me in the pink hat at the back :)


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I'm a bit of a petrol head.

I have a Fiesta Zetec (Mk6.5) at the moment although I would really like the Ford Focus ST Mk2 :)


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Total petrolhead here, had 330bhp Subaru bugeye, just sold my 300bhp Golf GTi full R32 kit, Forge FMIC, Audi TT 225bhp Turbo, Stage 2 JBS remap, Spax coilovers, 19" bbs ch alloys, Iv'e got a Golf GT TDi now amazing on fuel!!! over 600miles to a full tank of diesel!!


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I have a V8 Grand Cherokee that can keep a small petrol supplying nation finacially stable for the next decade, absolutley love it and the space is great for the three kids - looking at trading it in for something more environmentally friendly like a Zafira VXR.


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I had an imported Honda Integra Type R. 210bhp as standard. She roared. I called her Nessy.

Selling her was a mistake!