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Cars? Anyone?


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Until recently I drove a red Triumph TR6 - 1969 - now it sits in the garage waiting for petrol prices to lower as it only does 20mpg :eek::eek:
Bought the car in 1978 and had a complete restoration on it - it is beautiful but too expensive to drive at the moment unless I win the lottery.


I know that problem...1982 Porsche 924 @ 20mpg currently sat on the drive due to fuel costs. Using my little motorbike instead


My 1982 Porsche 924 is off the road most of the time due to fuel prices... my little motorbike is much more efficient!!!


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Love cars...

Bought a lovely SE spec BMW 320d 2006 at Xmas and it was stolen 3weeks ago... So I'm between cars at the minute


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I love cars, im a petrol head, i used to go out "crusing" when i first past my driving test 11 years ago. Stopped 7 years ago when i met my boyfriend as it wasnt his cup of tea.

i bought my dream car in july 2008 but had to sell it last september after losing my job and it was the only thing i owned which was worth money and that would help me pay for things for a few months.

I did own a Mazda 323 GTR, this is her

Not to everyones taste, but very much to mine. I had the only one in the north east. Its a jap import. 240bhp standard unfortuantely didnt get round to putting mine on the rolling road but hoped she'd have around the 260bhp mark. Really fast, 4wd, turbo, so much fun to drive...miss it so much. would have another if i had the money.

not good as a family car though, wasnt great trying to get my daughter in and out when she was first born.


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ive got a 2007 focus ST3 now running about 300bhp with 400lbft of torque :)
it has collins stage 2 map
mongoose 3" downpipe
3" decat
airtec front mount intercooler
lowered 30mm on ford approved eibach springs
just need to get a closed induction kit and the catback for the exhaust to make it up to about 330bhp and upgrade the clutch and flywheel to the RS type (£750:cry:)
i get on average about 19mpg around town :cry: but about 32mpg on a long run
but it goes like an absolute rocket now so different from standard


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I know it doesnt keep it self that clean! Mint car.
that was 2 days worth of detailing efforts @ 6 hours a day just before i took it up to ford fair at silverstone last month i know crazy right? but is a hobby and dont have a girlfriend at the minute :8855:


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I've my little ford fusion. £45 to fill it up and £250 a year to insure :))))

Hubby is a petrol head though. He's a taxi driver with a new BMW m sport for work. Merc ml for the week and a r1. He has rc baja cars too. Men and toys!!! Ha ha! X

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Myself and the husband are both petrol heads! We both have R33 GTS Nissan Skylines. They are both white, and 2.5 turbo. They are lots of fun especially when both out together :)

Chris Judson

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First Car: 92 Toytota Corolla - turquoise - wrote off
Second Car: silver peugeot 306 (5 door)(Lx model) crashed into a wall...sold on ebay as was
Third car: the really boring "everyone has one" 52 astra - blue
Fourth Car: 57 Plate Vauxhall Astra SRI Expansion Pack (dream car)
Fifth Car: 2011 Ford Fiesta, got on a lease plan cos it was cheaper to insure as it was only a 1.4 (current car)


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I got myself a different car. OH had a Ford Focus but now he trains to work we changed it for a smaller one as I didn't like driving the other one.
Not given it a name yet.:D