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Cathii's Diary

well i plan to start on monday :D
so will keep track on here of eveything i have eaten and all exercise done :)
hoping to loose about 32lbs with an average of 2lbs a week.

start weight is 158lbs (11.3/ 72kg) i'm 5'6". :(

going to start skipping and hopefully running (jogging) :rolleyes: in the evenings.whislt using work out dvd's every other day.

i feel that i have much more motivation from hearing everyones sucess stories on here :D also my mum is thinking of loosing weight too but i can't persuade her to do any exercise with me?
does anyone on here do exercise with other people. (just so that i can get some ideas of what we could do together in order to help motivate each other :))

i have done my BMR and i says i should eat around 1800 calories per day. but on my fitness pal it says i should eat around 1200 calories per day burning off an average of 1.4lbs per week so myt lower that to 1050 calories to burn a few more off :confused:

anyways will let you know of my progress :D x
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Day 1 :

well started off well.. but then went out for a meal.. and had spag bol and vanilla cheesecake... but i'm not going to get down about it as it was for my birthday :D

so just be extra good tomorrow, i have loads of weight watcher meals now :) x

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
lol now thats the sort of calorie counting I have done in the past! :8855:

Well done for picking yourself up and moving forward.. tomorrow is a different day!

Good luck! :) Look forward to reading your posts. ;)
so .. first weigh in today..
the first few days went ok.. but over the last couple of days i completely lost it and pigged out on everything.. thinking i'd put on thos two pounds id lost on wednesday.. i was kinda gutted.

so got on the scales today to find that id lost another pound :D so all in all thats 3 pounds this week :D
went for a run today :D still very unfit but its a start lol.. started off walking 2 minute.... running 1 minute and so on. i cannot run for longer than a minute haha. going to do thtat everyday this week as its half term :D and weight watchers for tea :) x
ok so went running twice this week.. could hardly walk on thursday my muscles ache so much haha.maybe i should go every other day instead lol. well on monday i weighed exactly 11stone got on the scales today and am still the same ... i thought running may have lost me at least a lb. and i have eaten really well this week. i think i loose more weight when i do NO exercise and eat WHAT i want :confused:

does anybody else find this?
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ok so was getting kinda down about my weight as on my scales i was still 11 stone ... which means i've sts for 2 weeks :( but went to the doctors yesterday to have my jab... and she was like how much do u weigh : so i said 11 st and she was like really :s you dont look it.. so i got on her scales and i'm 66 kg (10.4st) so that means my mind was carrying and extra 10lbs... can't believe my scales at home are wrong lol. but i have always thought i was 5"6' but apparently i'm 5"4' :Ox

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