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CathyChicka's food diary - project pussycat doll

After having some success with Calorie counting and Slimfast, I have hit a wall. Therefore starting today I'm embarking on a super healthy eating regime, to finally get a body I'm proud of - here goes

18/9/11- Sunday (I really eased myself in I must admit)

*Two slices of Bergen toast, with low fat spread
*Bowl of shreddies (large) with skimmed milk and honey
*Half a pot of onion soup
*Three thai chicken breast mini fillets
*A small salad of cherry tomatos and cumcumber
*A large portion of brown rice, with sweet chilli sauce
*A small portion of choc drops

*5 cups of tea, three with milk


*Unless I can count walking around the shops: none
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Day two - Monday 19/9/11


Small bowl of porridge made with water (bleugh)
Portion of raspberries


A dozen almonds and handful of sunflower seeds


Small tin of tuna in spring water
Salad of cucumber, tomato, pickles onions, sweetcorn, boiled potatos and balsamic vinegar


Small banana


Salmon Fillet
Brown rice
Cherry toms
Soy sauce


6 shreddies (yes really)
Glass of orange juice


Walked for an hour
10 mins of swimming (i hate swimming)

I found today quite hard. I am trying to eat 'clean' at the moment which involves cutting out all processed foods, meat and dairy. The hardest part though is cutting out caffiene - today I was plauged by intermitent headaches and extreme tiredness - I'm hoping this will pass though.

Tomorrow isn't going to be a perfect day as I am on a work 'away day' so there will be sandwiches on offer but I've planned a healthy breakfast, snacks and dinner so I hope the damage will be minimal.

I know it's wrong but I do think that if I don't finish the day absolutly starving then I've eaten too much in the day and therefore failed! I don't feel hungry at the moment, but I'm hoping I'll be proved wrong by a loss on friday. Anything 9st 7 or below I would be over the moon with...however after a disgusting weekend (Burger King anyone? no, what about chips, fishcake and mushy peas? you get the picture) I'm a little bit nervous.
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20 September - Tuesday


Bowl of shreddies with skimmed milk and honey


6 fruit gums


4 finger sandwiches (varying flavours)
A massive slice of carrot cake


More fruit gums


Bowl of shreddies

The less said about today the better. Quite frankly I'm ashamed!
21/9/11 Wednesday


Shreddies with skimmed milk and honey


6 celebrations (oooops)


Salad, small portion of pasta


Salmon, fried with one cal spray
Boiled potatoes
Mixed veg in soy sauce

Big glass of orange juice
So I guess on reflection these last two days haven't been great. I'm getting quite good at controlling the amount of food I eat, but what with the cake/fruit gums/celebrations, I'm not really developing healthy and sustainable eating habits. Nevertheless, onwards and upwards, going to try and have a chocolate/cake/sweetie free day tomorrow, and see how I get on.

One of the things I have found quite positive this week is giving up caffeine. Now I am a bit of a caffeine fiend, so have suffered quite badly this week with headaches, tiredless and generally being a grumpy mare - what I have found though, is that I am a lot less hungry than I was - plus I'm saving money and calories on my daily venti skinny latte. Now just to kick my sugar habit, and i'll be there. Addictive personality much?

Breakfast: Bowl of Shreddies, skimmed milk and honey

Lunch: Sliced roast beef and salad in a wholemeal sandwich

Snacks: two pieces of fudge, a celebration and an opal fruit
2 glasses of juice

Dinner (oh dear....) two fish finger sandwiches (6 fish fingers, 4 slices of bread), and few curly fries

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