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Cat's progress

Hi Becksie,
I was wondering if its a bit lonley on the diet chef forum so its good to hear from you. A stone down is indeed fab and I cant wait til I can say that.
I've just had a look at the "inspiration" slideshow and its real food for thought.
Im feeling a little under the weather with a cold so considering whether to go to the yoga class that I've started going to and just about to have my first breckfast - its looking like quite the exciting day...;)
Bye for now,
OK, so that was interesting.

I just had the chocolate granola 'hearty breakfast' (made me smile) 40g. Well, it was as tiny as I expected but I used a small spoon and it actually was fine; tasty, crunchy and satisfying. I have got to say, my main museli recently has been a tripple choc M and S delight and my portion was probably about 5 or more times what I got in this little packet. For lunch, I'm going to have the butternut squash soup and then supper will be sweet and sour chicken. I'm taking random choices from the boxes. I'll add 40gs of brown rice and some steamed veg or maybe some lentils. Theres a packet of sweet chilli oat bits as well for a snack. This is all sounding a bit too easy. I feel slimmer already. Better not get carried away...

Have made executive decision to skip yoga today due to having a cold which is disappointing but I'd better not bite off more than I can chew.
Glad your first day is going ok! It's so easy to do! I think if I worked Mon-Fri it would be so much easier for me to do as it's being at home that's hard for me! I work 2 days 2 nights then have 5 days off so don't have a routine of eating think what's why I find diets hard and always give up!! I have motivation as I wanted a blouse but thought £50 was a tad too much and it's in the sale! Woohoo only problem is only had a size 12 at the min it's a bit tight so my incentive is sat in my wardrobe!

Today I've had porridge, chicken soup, some raspberries and strawberries and the maple popcorn. I start work at 6pm so not sure what I'll take with me and a yogurt.
The end of the first day

The first day draws to a close and it wasn't difficult at all; the food was really nice. I familiarised myself with the very useful MyFitnessPal calorie counter and all the progress tickers. Now I just need to get on with it, and weigh in next weekend. :D
Day 2 of diet chef

Day 2 is nealy done and no problem. I'm still feeling a little sniffley but certainly didn't feel hungry. I found the "myfitness pall" app for my iphone and I guess the hardest part is making sure I eat enough to make up the recommended intake of cals/carbs/fats and protein.

Your Daily Goal
1250 cals
172 carbs
42 fats
47 protein

I seem to exceed the protein a little and underdo the cals. Still it is only day two and I'm just getting the hang of it.
Meatballs for supper tonight and then I must study.


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Hey cat,
Hope you do as well tomorrow and the day after that and so on. Im loving this diet it is so easy. And to be honest its good not to feel stuffed at the end of a meal. Happy dieting hun :party0011:

Neeni x
Thanks Neeni - its good to get a response. I guess from the activity there aren't a lot of people doing this diet. I agree about it being an easy one , but who would believe it; it actually feels quite nice not being really full and bloated at the end of my meal. The 40g of brown rice feels just about right, healthy and normal, and I added in some garden peas at supper and some green salad at lunch. I'm still a wee bit shocked how small brecky is but it seemed to fill me nicely. :p
I guess the proof will be in the weigh in and the fit of the clothes, but quite frankly, if I stop over eating, there is only one way to go.

Tra ra for now,
So day three of Diet Chef...

It was a bit more tricky to get the food eaten as I really wasn't feeling well with the aforementioned cold when I got up; I'd had really difficult sleep with a seriously bad cough. Its amazing to me how I can forget to eat if I slip out of routine and so I had skipped breakfast. In the end, I has a chicken soup for lunch which didn't feel as satisfying as the previous ones as it didn't have any variations to the textures but it didn't leave me hungry either. I had a banana earlier and then for supper I had lentil dahl that I cooked up the night before and the chicken tika DC meal which was fine. I was temped by a glass of wine but didn't; I think calorie wise it would have been fine but I decided to take care of myself and my cold, and it seems to have paid off, although I'm awake very early now. I'm going to try to do a little bit of study and make it into work early. Meditation class tonight will be something to savour.
I keep popping on the scales as if all the pounds will drop off as they did when I did Lighter Life. There is (unsurprisingly) not much change, although when I think about how I had got into a cycle of over eating and/or eating and drinking anything at all, it does feel like taking control can only have benefits, and that I should see them relatively quickly. In my head, I feel better about myself already, although I did have a disappointment on the romance front yesterday - I think it might have been more so, had it happened before I decided to take the reigns back.
Bye for now,
Looking forward to updating on the joys of day 4.
Cat x


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Hiya Cat,
You will see the results trust me. I have been on the scales every day (l know I shouldn't but never mind), and over the past week (week 1) I have lost 7lb. But I have noticed that over the last couple of days I haven't lost any weight but like you I feel like I have taken back control of my eating habits and I also think that it can only be beneficial to me. Chin up hun and im sure you will see the results very soon xxx :wavey:
Day 6

Hi all, Its first weigh in tomorrow. No problems with the food but some are more to my taste than others. I have been a little off course this weekend; had 'a couple' of glasses of wine last night but I don't think I exceeded my calories. Might do tomorrow as a friend is having his birthday and I said I will take him for lunch, but I'm well again so I'll be doing the yoga class. I'm baby sitting tonight so I'll try to do some of my study stuff then - I have been easily distracted today; purchased the two Adele CDs - she seems to be a bit of a genius. I went through my wardrobe on thursday night and found clothes that I had forgotten I had, so I wore some on friday with some heals - I've been letting my self wear just the same ole, same ole clothes lately but I got a few complements, just by wearing cute shoes and some new colours, quite nice really. Gotta stay focused on my destination; feeling lovely in loose (ish) size 14s.
Tra ra for now, Catx
Weigh in No 1

It seems that 2 lbs have gone! I'm delighted but strangely sombre about it as well - it seems so tiny, but it is the same as as one of those 2lb bags of sugar so it's not to be scoffed at. I have had a birthday celebration with a friend today and had some pudding; life is for living. Back on it now though so as my friend pointed out earlier, in 20 weeks, which in some ways doesn't feel that far away, Ill be nearly there! Woohoo!
Hi all,
Just a pop in to say I'm still at it and feeling good.
Having the odd glass of wine but otherwise on track. Cant complain about the food at all; what's not to like. :p


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I've not found anything I don't like yet it's nice isn't it! well done for staying on track, I had some wine last night but first for a week so if I can limit to one night a week I'll be doing well. Have a great day! x


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Well I think 2lbs is a great start, especially as you had the privilage of enjoying a pudding (Mmmm). Keep it up hun and you will get there :)
Hey guys! Thanks for the encouragement. I'm on-call for work this weekend and finding it hard at times not to justify a take way but - drum role - it looks like the self-discipline has paid off! 4lbs today make a total of 6lbs in 2 weeks. :)

I've also seen that there is a thread called the C25K on here on this site - I tried it before; its a running app for the smart phones/iphones and its very gentle and easy to get started with, so I'm thinking about doing it, to see if I can get to goal faster and tone up a bit as well. I always found it a lot easier to run when I'm getting lighter.

I'm aware that some people say it is expensive and breakfasts are a little small but they don't fail to fill... I can't express how easy this all seems - not like a 'diet' at all. Plenty veg and fruit is all healthy, and the food is all fine - as nice as most pre-prepared supermarket packs. I've been having brown rice and bread and I've been having a treat from time to time whether its a couple of glasses of wine or a low cal hot chocolate with some little marshmallows.

Wishing you all the best,

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