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Cautionary tale for all you scale hopping addicts...

G: 12st0lb
After all the tears and tantrums this week because I have been jumping on and off the scales at home , and convinced myself I hadnt lost any weight , I lost 5lbs at Weigh In tonight !!! Yipee!!!!
So that sit The damn scales are going into the loft right now, I gave myself a week from hell and nearly ate a bacon butty and all for nothing.
So glad I didnt give up now, so let that be a lesson to all you fellow scale hoppers out there. Step away from the scale lady......!!!!!!
A very relieved C xxx
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Congratulations on your 5lbs.!!!:clap: :clap: :clap:

Delighted to hear the scales are going away:D



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Well done on your 5lb loss - that' s great ..... so glad you never ate a bacon butty!

Good to hear you've put the scales away - if they're not accurate then you're definitely best not standing on them.

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I know what you mean, I am on & off the scales several times a day - very obsessed with them - it is amazing how your weight fluctuates in one day.

I must try & stop this behaviour though as they determine my mood for the rest of the day depending on what they say! I want to get to a place where I am not being ruled by each lb of weight and be guided by my clothes - 2 stone to go before I will be comfortable with that philosphy though!


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Well done on the 5lb loss and staying away from the bacon butty:D

Good luck for next weeks WI

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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Heaven can wait, well done for being so strong & getting rid of those scales, you are a brave person.
Also well done on the 5lbs weight loss thats excellent.
I read somewhere that research shows that people who weight once a day (at the same time each day), have twice as much chance as maintaining weight as someone who only weighed once a week.

I weigh every morning before i eat or drink a thing.

When i've had a naughty day or two it's the scales that get me right back on track. Take earlier this week, i had two days in london eating and put on 9lbs. I'm now back on track and already 4 pounds down on yesterdays shock weigh result! If i'd have left it a week i would've prolly put on a stone and a half!!!!

Weighing several times a day is stupid i agree - but once a day is perfectly fine and really does help keep on track.


Gone fishing
Yep. I weigh every day without fail. Did all throughout CD, and even more so during maintenance (as recommended by research:rolleyes:)

But, if weighing is having a negative effect you...best rid.

Well done for the 5lbs!!


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"....I gave myself a week from hell and nearly ate a bacon butty and all for nothing."

Isn't it funny how we can react to an apparent weight gain by wanting to eat more rubbish! I mean, we'll only put on more weight in the end!

I think the advice you have been given is good. If the scales cause this negative reaction, get rid! If they help you keep stable, keep on using them.

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