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Caved :(

Just caved in and had a bowl of spicy noodles :( this Is day seven and my weigh in is tomorrow. Do u think it will effect my weigh in much?
I don't wanna make excuses but my 7 month isn't well and hasn't slept since last Monday and today she's been in hosp all day and I forgot my shakes and water and had no money and sat all day starving and when I came home everyone was sitting eating their dinner and caved in :( boohoo can't believe this
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I feel so guilty and horrid! Can I just continued on today with a shake before bed and tomorrow?
Hi, I am only on day 2 so I think that with all that is going on in your life you have done really well. The best thing is you dont feel good by cheating and tomorrow is another day and Im sure you will get back on track :)))


Back on the diet train...
Hey Hun don't beat yourself up about it. At the end of the day you are only human and with the stress of your child being in hospital I'm surprised you only had noodles. I would have raided the sweet machine. ;)

Like the others said it's one small blip and you did 100% the rest of the time. So dust yourself down and carry on Hun. :)

It shouldn't make too much of a difference but at the same time I don't want to promise a major loss tomorrow but I can tell you that I'd been on it about 2 months last year and I had a steak salad and still lost 5lb. :0

So I would still have a shake tonight Hun and maybe have a bubble bath then go bed. Tomorrow is another day and your goal is still achievable. :)

Chin up and let us know how you get on!!


Thanks I hope I'm happy enough with my weigh in
The morning before I caved I had lost 9lb by my scale and then I had a bit of food that night and my body was still testing positive for bring in ketosis the next morning, I showed up as only losing 6lb on the pharmacy scales :(
you keep going
It's the carbs. Just a tip for anyone caving, stick to protein if you can and it shouldn't affect you too much.
Sometimes easier said than done though, especially in your situation x
And 6 pounds is great! :):):):)
So the advice would be eat protein if you have to eat. Im going to a charety event on the 7th and will need to eat before i go, so i was thinking turkey is the lowest fat meat to have so was going to have turkey, then just drink vodka with tonic water. Hope it dsnt effect me too much

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