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Caving in

have you tried mixing them with 400 ml instead of 250? they taste much nicer, i actually like them now
yeh i manage them fine, wasnt fussed on them at first but quite like them now, just dying to have something to chew on lol
Hi Geraldine
Please don't carve in now, once you get the first weigh in over and see the reward for your efforts, it will get easier.
So no more sweets, i can promise you that even the smallest cheat can wreck your whole week ...i know.... a few weeks ago i caved in, and ate my sons left over, cold fish finger and a few chips, stupidly day before my weigh in, and only lost 1lb, for the whole week, you've come this far!!
The shakes/soup do get better, the Vanilla one is better hot with a spoonfull of coffee as a latte, i prefer the choc one cold
I live on Chicken soup, and Strawberry, it's not for ever, thank god.
see it as medicene and get it down your neck!!
Good luck
Thanks Sam I'm curretly off to a concert with my boyfriend and all ready feel I've over come something as he has just eaten two burgers!

I've been on the scales and I'm in at 16.11 and it's given me that encouragement that i could be 16st in no time!

I bought my lipotrim online in bulk this why I think I need to get that chicken soup :)

Thank you soo much
I feel so lucky I like all flavours, I tend to stick with strawberry in the mornings, chocolate in the afternoon and soup in the evening so feel like ive had a meal. Don't cave in now its so worth it, good luck x
Hi curveygirl I think I need the soup to give me a variation and make feel
Like I'm having a meal!but these past three days i have only been having two shakes or one as I just can't stand it...the water I could drink so much of!

But I've had a wake up call I'm gonna do these two months so I look so good at my 21st birthday and hopefully be 2-3 stone lighter :)
Hi Geraldine
Yes you do need to have as much choice on this diet as possible, as it is so restricted and boring, if i lived anywhere near you i'd swap some of mine with you, have you tried the flapjacks? i quite like the Peanut ones. well i say like, they are preferable to starvation LOL. when there isn't anything else you just get used to what ever is available. i have a Strawberry for breakfast at about 11.30/12, then a Chicken for lunch at about 3.30/4, and another Chicken at 730/8. if i have my first one before 11.30, i struggle to get through the evening, so run out of energy (2 small children to look after),
Good luck and stay with it..... Summers coming :cool:

See I've just bought mine off the intense which maybe was a mistake as I should have just went To the pharmacy

Could I buy them from the pharmacy even though I'm not there?

I'm deffo gonna have to get some chicken soup and maybe those flapjacks thanks so much
I hated the flapjacks lol but several ppl like them, have you tried turning the shakes into a mousse? recipe on the bag, may help.
Hi Geraldine
Yes you can get them from the Pharmacy, you'll need to find out which Pharmacy does LT, there are several people on here who are in Ireland they may know, it's cheaper here in London, you may find someone near you, who might swap the ones that you don't like, you never know,
get a variety of shakes/ soup/flapjack, to start with and after a while you may find that you get used to the ones you've got, i hated the choc and Vanilla at first, now i quite like them
You'll be suprised at how you get used to them

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