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caws diary


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I'm starting this now so I'm all set to go tomorrow. I've spent the week preparing (mentally) and have emptied my cupboards and fridge of things I won't be needing over the next few weeks and I've refilled them yesterday with healthy food.

I'm going to weigh myself in the morning and do hip, waist and bust measurements. I'll do them every week on a Monday morning.

My first goal is to lose (at least) 7lb in the first four weeks (which is the kick start my 2 friends and I have agreed we'll do together)
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Hi caws,

Sounds like you are very well prepared and don't forget the before photos as well as I find sometimes it is difficult to see the results in the mirror but when you compare photos you can see the weight loss as often it can take the head awhile to catch up with the body.

Good luck with your diet journey.

Love Mini xxx


Queen of the Damned
Looking forward to sharing your journey with you Caws :wavey:


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Thanks alot.

I'm feeling good about it so am hoping it goes well. I'm in the right frame of mind compared to other half hearted attempts that I've made and I'm trying new things instead of just turning my nose up at them and saying that I don't like them (without really knowing if it's true or not !)
Wooo!! You can do it! I really support your decision to give yourself a mini goal, i think it's a fab idea :)

Will be watching xxx


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Well today's gone really well and I haven't had any problems at all. I've got a slight headache at the moment, but I'm expecting that for the first 3 or 4 days really (sugar withdrawal and whatever else withdrawal that my body usually has)
Well done hun, roll on day 2!



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Today's gone well.

I really fancied some chocolate but didn't have any and when I made my daughters ham and cheese omelette I didn't have sneak any of the cheese (slice for you, slice for me usually !!)

Did our first workout today which she made fun (we all worked up a good sweat though)

All in all I'm pleased with how it's going although I'm going away for a few days so it may be abit more difficult.
Well done. I also made a(nother) start yesterday but I think you have more willpower than me (I had chocolate and cheese today but only a tiny bit of each so not too bad). Good luck. x


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Back from my time away.

It was difficult because I wasn't in control of the meals and I was treated to fish and chips yesterday. It was a kind gesture and rude of me to refuse (hehe) but I had less than half of a portion and enjoyed it, because I was away. Not too many other problems - headachey yesterday but ok today. I haven't been drinking enough so need to make sure I drink more.


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Today has been good. Still need to drink more. Strangely enough I'm missing bananas, not sure when I'm allowed them though.

I went to an exercise class tonight and have done loads of walking aswell.

If I can stay on track over the weekend I should be pleased Monday morning when I weigh-in :)


Queen of the Damned
Sending :vibes: for your weekend so you have a fabulous weigh in on Monday :wavey:
Hi Caws.
Just wanted to wish you luck for your weight loss. You're sounding pretty determined, so GO YOU!!!



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Thanks !

I do feel different this time but I can't say why.

I was given a piece of chocolate today which I had but I didn't crave more or go and binge on a load of junk which is what can happen sometimes.

I'm quite pleased with myself overall this week. Lets hope it continues :)
It's a great feeling when you can do that isn't it?
Keep it up!!!



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Woopdewoo :party0011:

5lb weight loss for the first week. I'm really pleased with that. I've also lost and inch off my hips, waist and chest so that's 5lbs and 3 inches :D

I won't be expecting so much next week but onwards and upwards, as they say (or should that be downwards :))

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