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CD Diary shedding the blubber

Day 4. Yesterday was tough but woke up feeling good this morning. Still looking forward to changing over to the cd as im getting fairly sick of the ts shakes. Lipotrim was better as you could mix coffee with the vanilla one and blend it up with ice (which actually tasted quite nice) but ts is too odd tasting. Anyway i like the weekends because my hubby doesn't mind cooking for himself so i only have to smell it not taste it :-D .I hope everyone is doing well keep up the butter melting.


cos i need this xxx
Good luck hun, there's a good few Cambridge products that are very yummy! I'm restarting as of today with 100lbs to lose so will be on alot! Keep us posted on yr progress and stop in my new diary please! Need followers! Xcx
Hi I started the cd last week but cheated a couple of times however I still lost 6 pounds. I am on day 4 this week with no cheating at all. I struggle when I'm bored and I have 61pounds to loose. It's gonna be a long couple of months!
Good luck hun, there's a good few Cambridge products that are very yummy! I'm restarting as of today with 100lbs to lose so will be on alot! Keep us posted on yr progress and stop in my new diary please! Need followers! Xcx

Hey hun
Ive posted on your diary. best of luck!!
Ill be here every day for the next three months or so :D if you want a chat
Hi simo
it doesn't matter that you cheated a few times. The main thing is your doing something about it so keep it up. Its great you lost so much, Id be the same with being bored look to the press for food and since i lost my job there is a lot of boredom around here. I find this site really useful to pass a few hours and everyone on here is going through the same thing. So the next time you feel like cheating log on to here and have a chat before you know it it will be time for your next shake and the hunger will be worn off!
Best of luck pet I'm here if you need encouragement

Day 5 Wahoooo feeling good today had another tough one yesterday. Woke up to the sun beaming in my window so it's just made me more determined to do this. I don't want to feel like s**t in the heat for one more summer. All excited laid out my goal clothes today i have an outfit for every size i go down. Size 16 is my first goal then 14 and so on. :character00238:
That's a great idea with an outfit for each dress size!
I am just about to complete day 6 with no cheating! Yesterday was day 5 for me and it was tough but I some how managed to get though it. (I have not counted my week one as cheated loads)
I have my weigh in tomorrow so we will see if it has paid off.
I went to the pub on Saturday with some friends and both them and me couldn't believe I sat there with water all afternoon. It was a great feeling because if u can resist temptation when my friends are eating and drinking around me, I can actually get down to 10 and a half stone!
How are you doing today? Xxx
Hey NIkki
How's ur diet going?
I had my second weigh in and have lost 12.5lbs In two weeks so I am my way. :) xxxx
WOW Simo well done 12.5lbs is nearly a stone thats amazing. your doing great. I fell off on monday but im back on track now. I'm changing over to the cd diet today so i'll be getting weighed tonight. Good luck hun keep it up your doing fantastic
Hey simo its going great really tastey so far think i can do this one for three months the shakes are lovely on cd nicest ones i've had on any of the diets. How are you getting on?
I soooo wanted to eat this morning. Mmmmm yum yum to a bacon sandwich, however I have managed to find a little bit of will power from somewhere and had a cd choc bar instead. Not quite the same but curved the hunger pangs.
I just keep thinking it's my WI in a few days and I'll just keep going to then. Then hopefully with the weight loss it will motivate me for another few days.
Good on you simo keep it up your doing great. Well im on day 2 of cd and all i can say is yum the shakes are just lovely dont feel the slightest bit tempted. think i could keep up this diet without failing I hope so anyhow. How are you getting on How many days are you on it now?
Try freezing the ready made ones for ice cream. Yum yum.
I am on day 18 or day 10 depending on how u look at it. Day 10 of no cheating, the first 8 days I cheated loads so I don't really count them.
I like the soups best, they just taste like a normal cuppa soup however that may change in the summer.
How much are u trying to lose? I have another 58lbs to lose, the last 18 days I have so a stone so this diet dose work!
Keep going once u get to day 3/4 the hunger passes. Xxxx
A stone thats great i still have 80lbs to lose something tells me im going to become an expert on this diet lol. How are you getting on today?. The hunger isn't really an issue for me but im sleeping so much better on this diet and it's a real bonus that the shakes are so tastey the last one i was on I had to hold my breath drink the shake and then breath so i only tasted it once, These one's i dont want to end

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