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CD, exercising

Ok, well am starting in the next few days, I want to try and find some exercises that will reduce any excess skin belly and 'bingo' wing area, this scares me! I don't want to have mass' amount of excess skin so really just want to tone them areas.

I currently have 2 cleaning jobs so will be burning alot more then what I am taking in. Any advice would be great!

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A lot of girls are doing exercise DVDs like the 30 day shred. Some of us are going to they gym, others swimming, others walking. Before the snow started I had started training to be able to do a 10k run in March It's more about what is going to fit into your life and what you can sustain.

Whatever you decide to do, if you have not exercised in a long time/are very unfit make sure you build up tolerance and stamina slowly e.g. start off with a 10-15 minute walk that leaves you slightly breathless and warm - don't go out and try to run for 20 minutes. As you get fitter you can add arm weights to pump your arms as you walk. You can also google various home exercise advice (About.com is a fab website for this sort of stuff e.g. http://search.about.com/?q=home+exercise+programme

It used to be thought that exercising on VLCDs burnt lean muscle tissue increasing the risk of health problems however this has since been proven not to be true. Medical guidances advises exercise should be part of a VLCD programme as making exercise part of how you live your life will help you maintain.
gg's right. i would say give it 2 weeks on the diet doing your job and general day to day stuff before you start any exercise. weight's will tone. you need to focus on repetition rather than the heaviness of them. the heavier weight might build up too much muscle tone rather than tone you up.


My husband = My hero
Hi love

I'm a shredder....

My abs are rediculous now and my tummy is really toning!

All will become visible after I loose another 4 stone lol but the difference ready is amazing!

It's great for wings too as uses weights....

Wait 2 weeks before strtig anything tho especially as your jobs are demanding xxx
I'm starting Shred as soon as it arrives... Lauren and Co. are great advertisements for it :)


My husband = My hero
Wish I worked on commission haha

You'll be thanking us just as soon as you stop hating us lol

Stick with it hun, the self improvement is amazing and well worth a bit of hard slog...

Iv used it to focus on and the last 4 weeks have flown have barely thought about diet as have been so conscious about shredding doing pictures and
Measuring inches.... xx

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