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Am trying to get back on the horse as they say. Came looking for support here - and found masses! Thought a thread for those of us on CD might be useful I know that someone is going to tell me there is already several, but I'm new to site and can't find them!!!!!!

Anyway, trying to restart CD today. Fell off and gained 9lbs very quickly. But my god, this is hard to restart! Well done all you who have never wavered or who have the strength to get straight back to it. I'm hoping to learn from you guys!
Hiya Kebab, the trick to restarting is to pick a date and stick to it!! Don't deviate, procrastinate, or hesitate!! :D

It's also worth doing a preparation week beforehand - cutting down your carbs, slowly replacing food with your packs until you slide into SS. Either way, it can be done and we're with ya 110% :cool:
Then you're more than halfway through honey - keep drinking the water and before you know it you'll be back in the pink and dropping lbs!! :cool:
Hi Kebab
I am not doin CD but have a very similar weight to lose as you - so lets keep each other company and cheer each other on. I have tried so many times but I have kept letting the weight creep back. This time I just feel so focussed, I am going to do it. I know you are too. Just think in a few short months we will be where we ant to be at which point we can pat each others backs! love
Hi Kebab,

Im on day 8 and so far so good, havent fallen off and ive climbed the brick wall into ketosis! Lost 8lbs so far and i'm thrilled, as a newbie onto this its all very strange but very good!
You will do it, we are all there for each other, I've found the support invaluable that I've had from this site.
You can do it, as I can!
Kebab - you were so nice about my photos that I just wanted to point out that since I started CD just over 5 months ago I've had at least 5 'mini-breaks' when I've been away for weekends or special nights out.

I just fix it firmly in my head that a break isn't the end of the diet - and commit 100% to get back to sole sourcing the moment I'm back. It's never easy, of course - let's face it, eating food is far more fun than SS'ing - but I see it purely as a means to an end and I know it won't last forever so what's a few months out of my life?

I firmly believe that that life is for living as well as dieting - and don't believe in restarts. I see my diet as being continuous from the beginning, even though I've had a few breaks. I will only ever have one 'Day 1' and that was the day I tasted my first CD shake :)

I'm due to have a break next weekend as I'm away with friends - and then another when I go to Newcastle for the VFBC, but in between times I will be sole sourcing. Will I gain weight? Sure! But I'll lose whatever I gain in the following week or so (but I know I won't put back 5 1/2 stone) .. and it's all about managing your eating habits in the end isn't it? :)

I don't know if this will help - and certainly would never recommend regular breaks - but sometimes it helps to know other people have come off the diet and managed to get back onto it again without it being 'the end'.

Good luck, and holler if you need help anytime.

Sharon xxx
Thanks for all the kind support. Restart doing okay today so far. Have wanted to eat, but determined not to. Seeing photos of people like Summerskye makes me want to look good more than I want to eat.

Barb, I'd love to buddy up and try to keep pace with you!!! What are you doing to lose?

Catch you all soon.