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CDC interpretation of WI?


Does your CDC ever round the numbers up or down? Or do they record it to the letter?

My CDC records it to the letter. For instance today I lost 3.3/4lbs as the scales said just over 12st 2lbs (they`re digital). If I had been at home and had weighed myself, I would have ignored the 1/4lb and rounded it down to 12st 2lbs - Incidentally, 12st 2lbs is what the scales at work said Monday night (I work in a clinic, So they`re Drs scales).

I just wondered if all CDCs record the weight loss in this way.

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My lovely lady works in .5's! Its how her scales record! I would guess that all CDC's record the way they chose as I have had 2 and they both had different scales and record weights different! 3.3/4lbs is a great loss! I would call it a 4 personally! when I lose .5 I roung it up to the nearest pound! 2.5 I would call 3! xxx


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My scales weigh to a 1/5th of a pound and I record it to the letter. It's easier that way.

I had a lady lose .2lb on the 1500kcal yesterday. She was very happy to see the scales still going down, even though it was only .2 and she doesn't need to lose anymore.

Gave her a bit more confidence that going up the plans works:clap:
Thanks for the replies all x

I wasn`t knocking my CDC btw, She is lovely and that .5 of a lb might make all the diff in the right direction ;)

I was just curious cos I`m lazy and always used to round the numbers up or down ;)



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My CDC's scales are digital and weigh to the 1/4lb. We both use Weight Watchers scales although different models. Mine too are digital and weigh to the 1/4lb and I weigh exactly the same on hers as I do mine, which is handy as I know my weight is exact wherever I am weighed.
I don`t have any scales. I just jump on the Wii Fit (after a wee ;) :p) and once a week on the Drs scales at work just cos I`m a serial weigher :p

Only take my CDC WI as official tho :)

My CDC just does it by the lbs so if its 11st 11.3 she'll just say 11st 3. At my last WI it was 11st 6.8 so she said to call it 11st 7 as it was too close to the 7 and would make a better loss next week.

I did ask her at my first WI about the . element and she said she only uses that when people stop losing 3-4lbs a week or are getting close to their goal.
Hehe, I thought I was the only lazy one, rounding the numbers up ;) Xx
full lbs here .... I set my scales at that too.


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mine does the stones and pounds and that's great for me as it is the same each week :)
Mad how some CDCs do it 1 way and others the other lol

I guess it`s all the same in the end when you reach your goal :D


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