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Ceebeee's Weighty Heebeegeebees

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by ceebeee, 14 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. ceebeee

    ceebeee Silver Member

    Time to kick this fat ass back into shape. I say 'back' but what I mean is just 'into shape'. Last time I was slim was about 12 years ago. Since then I've eaten and drunk myself roughly 6 stones of weight more than I need or want.

    Daunting as it may feel, having put on 2 and a half stone in a year (after losing 2 stones in the year before that), but the bum shelf needs to go. The pudgy bazonga boobs need to stop jiggling, the boomtastic jelly belly needs to wobble off and the chunky thunder thighs need to waddle on.

    I plan on doing this by gorging myself on yummy SW food and exercising my blubber away!!

    Start weight: 16st 2lbs
    Wk1 21/04/14: 16st 3lbs (+1lb)
    Wk2 28/04/14: 16st 3lbs (STS)
    Wk3 05/05/14: 16st 3lbs (STS)

    Wk4 12/05/14: 15st 13.5lbs (-3.5lbs)
    Last edited: 12 May 2014
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  3. cery

    cery Full Member

  4. ingeh

    ingeh Full Member

    good luck! Youve done it before so you know what to do to lose weight. What type of exercise will you be doing?
  5. ceebeee

    ceebeee Silver Member

    Thanks for the good luck wishes, hoping I won't need it!

    I used to go to a samba dance class so I'm starting that again and going to get on my bike :) Maybe if I get fit enough I'll have enough confidence to join the rest of the samba group with the performances (they dance at carnivals and events but I'm too unfit and flabby at the moment).

    Had a good first day back on plan! I went into work and discovered 6 boxes of cakes from Greggs next to the kettle. I stood there, making my morning coffee and opened each box. Yum. Looking down at those delicious treats I realised "****** on a bike, I can't see my feet" and I made myself some porridge topped with blueberries and strawberries and forgot all about the cakes.

    Will power, that's all this is!
  6. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    *waves* here i am to sub! x
  7. ingeh

    ingeh Full Member

    good on the willpower! Im trying to build mine up too. Im making sure I have some low syn treats as alternatives for when other people have the naughty treats out
  8. ceebeee

    ceebeee Silver Member

    What a disaster of a first week back on plan.

    On Day 2 I did great until a few drinks after work turned into too many drinks after work followed by too much dodgy food after work. From there on in it went steadily downhill.

    Ate a whole large pizza on Friday. Had a bbq and drank too much on Saturday. Sunday was bbq leftovers. Today, not so bad, if you don't count all the chocolate.

    Absolutely useless!

    I'm now planning my meals for the week because clearly not having a plan isn't going to work for me!!!

    Deary me. Let's hope it can only get better!

    Going to download the latest SW magazine on my tablet and have a read, for some much needed inspiration.

    Gained 1lb and did no exercise. :sigh2:

    Feeling gutted, mostly disappointed at myself but strangely optimistic that this horrendous start will spur me on.
    Last edited: 21 April 2014
  9. ceebeee

    ceebeee Silver Member

    Well it's been disappointing again. But only in terms of weight loss. I've just had a promotion at work (YAY, I've worked damn hard for this) and I keep being summoned up to meetings 250 miles away at last minute opportunities.

    It's been really difficult trying to stay on plan when you arrive at a hotel at 11pm and the only thing that's open nearby is a McDonalds. Plus sitting in the car driving for hours, stopping at the services...it's all too easy to order a massive Costa coffee laden with syns and some chocolate to "keep myself going" or that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

    This is going to be my lifestyle for a while now so I am going to have to plan plan plan.

    I'm about to do a search for good ideas for food while working away.

    Stayed the same at WI this week. Disappointing again, but at least not another gain. I'm so useless!
  10. Crafty Girl

    Crafty Girl Silver Member

    I know a sts is disappointing but draw a line under it and start again. Don't beat yourself up about it
  11. ceebeee

    ceebeee Silver Member

    After promising myself to get off my arse and do some exercise, I just got on my bike for the first time in 6 months and went for a 3 mile cycle. It's not much but its a start and OH GOD I am SO unfit.

    3 tiny miles and my legs are dying and knees are creaking. I forgot what it feels like to move properly.

    Strangely looking forward to a ride tomorrow though....
  12. sweetierufus

    sweetierufus Gold Member

    Subscribing hun. We all got start somewhere with exercise. Did some hula hoops tonight for the first time in years.:D
  13. ceebeee

    ceebeee Silver Member

    Weigh in tomorrow and I'm nervous. I've so far lost nothing and gained 1lb. This week has been okay, but not totally on plan. I don't know why I'm struggling so much. I did SW a while ago and did it well.

    Going to have to live through the humiliation of having lost nothing again, I can just see it.

    At least I have managed to do a week's body magic this time. Really enjoying the exercise but can't stop shoveling crap down my gob.
  14. ceebeee

    ceebeee Silver Member

    Lost 3.5lbs. Over the moon!!! This has really spurred me on and given me the boost I needed. I was almost ready to give up again. Thank goodness for that! Back on the bike tonight. Going to aim for 5 miles but pretty sure I'll give up by 4 :)
  15. *EB*

    *EB* Gold Member

    well done hun! what a great loss. xx
  16. sweetierufus

    sweetierufus Gold Member

    Fantastic loss! X:D
  17. ceebeee

    ceebeee Silver Member

    Thanks! I'm really pleased but can't help thinking it's luck and not down to hard work because I was quite naughty last week. Here's to a good week ahead!
  18. ceebeee

    ceebeee Silver Member

    Had a STS this week. TOTALLY not surprised though, and glad it wasn't a gain. I had such an awful week at work, total melt down which involved tears in front of members of the team. Thankfully they were so aware of what has been placed on me (covering 4 full time roles because our temp cover staff left) and were incredibly sympathetic. So sympathetic in fact that they went out and bought back KFC for me at lunchtime, then because I worked really late one night, the night shift guys bought me a curry for tea as a surprise. Coupled with over 1000000000 chocolate biscuits, cakes and doughnuts, I'm so surprised that it wasn't a gain. But I had been incredibly good other than that!

    And then today, I had a phone call from someone in head office confirming that they are going to offer me the promotion I have been working so hard to get.

    So even though my weight loss has stumbled I am riding such a high right now. I have more reason than ever to work hard for this and get to be the size I want to be.......that is, after my best friends' hen do this weekend (lots of naughty treats and booze coming up).


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