cellulite ???


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I'm no expert but i'd say at your age the skin is more than likely to ping back after a while...lucky you :D

I don't think the cellulite will go though, i know really skinny people who have cellulite (even Victoria Beckham has some lol) so i don't think it's anything to do with being over weight.
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S: 15st6lb G: 8st13lb
thanks my mum did LL 3 years ago n lost six stone but she has major excess skin so i was wonderin if it would bee the same for me.


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Im sure I read somewhere that coupled with the weight you are losing, the amount of water you will be drinking really helps to redue celulite...

Im hoping thats true anyway! :p


nearly there!! :)
im 19 and hae lost 4st 5.5lbs in 18 weeks on ll...i have excess skin on my stomach, but after years of holding weight there (ive altogether lost over 6 stone in 3 years) and having a baby i cant expect much!! it is getting better though, and they say it takes up to a year to fully go back to normal, so i hold out hope!! xxx


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It's hard to know for sure about the excess skin as it depends on so many different things, age, genetics etc but do remember you should give it at least a year from when you lose the weight to fully recover.

I had cellulite at my biggest and am pleased to report it has gone.