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Cerulean re teeth


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since I started nearly 3 weeks ago, I've hand nothing but problems also!


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Even though you are not eating solid food you still need to floss between the teeth I find.

I also use a regular mouth wash like Oraldene, this one and Listerine were the ones recommended to me at the beginning.

As well as brushing night and morning.

If your problems continue definitely get it checked out with your dentist.


has started again!!
I have a sonic toothbrush now & I swear by it. Its a huge improvement on the old fashioned method!!!

MY teeth had been ok until last check up, when I had my first filling for literally over 20 years :(......


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I had my teeth fixed, filled and cleaned from day 100 - but I can see decay setting in at the roots which has never happened before and my gingivitis has worsened dramatically in the last 3 months. I have a feeling that LL has made my gums very very weak. I hadn't realised whilst I wasn't eating how much they hurt when I chew and how sensitive they have become in 8 months.


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Sorry for the delayed response, but I don't post on Minis between 8am and 8pmish during the week.

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