CF's refeed diary


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S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
I started refeed on Monday and thought I'd do my own diary coz it seems to help others stick to it by writing it all down.

So far it hasn't gone smoothly due to work and the fact I can't face/don't have time for breakfast so tend to eat about 11-12 o'clock for the first time.

Day 1 - Monday 15 Dec
12 noon - vanilla LT shake as a cold latte
6pm - very yummy salad (toms, cuc, celery, red pepper, leaf salad) and 4oz baked chicken breast.
11pm - strawberry shake
lots of black coffee, 3L water and some sparkling water

I know I can have skimmed milk now but am loving my black coffees!

Day 2 - Tuesday 16
11am - vanilla latte LT shake
7pm - salad and chicken as yesterday
11pm - flapjack
3L water, lots of black coffee

Day 3 - Wednesday 17
11am - salad and chicken as yesterday
4pm - flapjack on the run
9pm - salad as 11pm
3L water, black coffee, sparkling water

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Well done on stating you refeed you seem to be so focused, how does it feel eating after so long? it felt great to me and I hadn't eaten for onlt half your time x
Good luck with the rest of refeed you deserve it xx


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Cuddly Fairy - well done! Isn't eating again just a miracle! Try some raw cellery sticks in your salads. I just couldn't believe the sweetness of it! DELICIOUS! I'm sticking to a low-carb way of eating now and it's really really working. No more spuds for me (or perhaps a little portion on special occaisions in a restaurant). Also, when you start eating pasta again, try brown rice pasta. Much lower in carb-content and even tastier than the regular white stodgy stuff. And get some nuts into the house for those snack moments. They are really really good for you and yummy to boot. Good luck. Hug, Jan


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S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Thank you ladies, I am loving eating again - just wish I had time to enjoy being at target, alas life is so hectic at the mo I always seem to be dashing around somewhere! If I'm not working then I'm taxiing the children to their various activities.

Jan I'm loving celery in my salads, in fact I often snack on sticks and cherry toms when I know I shouldn't be snacking at all!!!!!

Day 4 - Thursday 18 (though after 2 day 1's it is really day 3)
9am - flapjack at work
1pm - salad with chicken pieces as yesterday
5ish - salad and turkey with a sliced boiled new potatoes
Felt very bloated afterwards and really didn't like the pots!!!
Resisted lots of yummy treats at the evening class I teach. We all took in nibbles as it was the last one this term!

3L water, 5 cups and 4 mugs of black coffee

Day 5 - Friday 19 (day 4)
Today was a bit of a disaster! I was running late and got to school and realised all I had with me was 2 pears and a flapjack. I walked into the staffroom to find bacon rolls on offer!!!!
9am - third of a flapjack and a wholemeal roll with bacon!
1pm - pear, rest of flapjack and some cherry toms
2pm more cherry toms and other pear!
5:30pm - salad, a bit of turkey and a small boiled egg.
8:30pm - fat free yoghurt, grapes and a lot of cherry toms!!!!!!!!!!
10pm - a stick of celery - I had the munchies bad!!!!!

2L water, black coffee!!!!

I bought some yummy looking wholemeal wraps and plan to have one with my salad tomorrow!! I'm also seeing a friend for the first time since May. I'd only just started back then so she may notice a bit of a difference!

Have a good weekend everyone.



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Wow hun, am so glad you got to target and thanks for posting your refeed. I bet the friend noticed just a bit of a difference!

Even on the day you felt was a bit of a disaster your food choices were good. Wholemeal bap and protein is not a disaster, you are doing great, glad you are enjoying it x


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S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Thanks Tara, I don't have a problem sticking with the good stuff, just with the munchies!!!!!

Day 6 - Sat 20
9:30 vanilla latte
1pm 2 wholemeal wraps with ham and salad, fat-free yoghurt
5:30 salad, lemon sole fillet, baked potato, grapes
snack satuma, marmite on bit of wholemeal bread and cherry toms!

2.5L water, 2 330ml bottles of sparkling water, several coffees

Day 7 - Sunday 21 Dec
11am LT shake
2pm wholemeal wraps, ham and salad
4pm large bunch of grapes!!!!
6pm salad, prawns, baked pot
9pm munchies wholemeal wrap without filling!!!!

2L water, coffee!!!

Day 8 Monday 22 after WI!
1pm 2 wraps with salad and prawns 2 fat free yoghurts
4pm 2 small slices wholemeal toast and marmite!
6pm Wrap with salad and prawns, satsuma and grapes
8pm 3 carrots

2L water, 2 mugs coffee!!!

Must do better!!!!!!



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Hi Cf your doing great keep it up as tara said your weight will fluctuate over the next few weeks mine has, I fluctuate with 2lbs up and down but I can handle that!!!! Im back to 10st 9 this morning just in time for lunch with my good friend and a party tonights :)
Im just starting my 4th week today refeed/maintenence hopefully once the party season is over I will shed that last 9lb!!!


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S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Hi Kirsty, unfortunately I succumbed to choccies at Christmas and rather overdosed on them!!!! Put on way too much and have gone back on LT to try and get back into the right frame of mind.

How are you doing hun?