Challenge 30 minute daily exercise


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I have usually got an excuse for not doing my exercise. So I have decided to challenge myself to do 30 minutes minimum daily at least 5 times a week. Think this is the recommended amount. Will start off with walking and light exercise then build up. There are classes held locally but need bit encouragment to join them.
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Join them! You won't regret it,have u got a friend u could drag along for support?

I've got my 1st personal trainer session at the gym today and not sure what to expect but needs to be done xx

Happy Holidays

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I enjoy walking, it's easier if you're walking with somebody or if not just listen you music. If you google walks in your area you'll be amazed what is around & not too far away.


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I hate gyms/exercise classes etc and would just rather go for a walk. I usually get in from work at around 5pm, so as soon as I get back, my OH (who isn't working atm) puts on his coat and we go for a good walk, anything from 30 minutes to an hour. It means that my exercise is done by 6pm, and then I can have dinner and relax. At the weekend, we go for a long walk on a Saturday morning (going out in about 10 minutes!).


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I am doing the same. walk at least 30 minutes a day and do some stretch and walking exercises with Leslie Sansone on youtube and whenever, I pass my exercise bike I do a couple of minutes.


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Thanks Floweryrosie, I had seen Leslie Sansone dvd's on QVC and wanted to try them and hadn't thought about You Tube. Just got started with them and will try to do at least 20mins 5 times a week.


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hi Christine, sounds like a good plan, I started the couch to 5k last week and have done week one so far, moving on to week 2.

Am also going to start going to a zumba class on tuesday evenings as thats the day I'm at uni for the next 5 months so should be able to go every week.

Where abouts in County Durham are you? x


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I am going to try to do 30 minutes on the PS Move at least 5 times a week. Am going to try to fit in some walking at the weekends too when the weather isnt too bad.

Was also going to try and find some stomach exercises to do too. Really need to speed up me weight loss and start toning up now. Might even try and dig out my old exercise dvds. My OH works 3 evenings a week so will give me something to do when he is not around.


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Forgot to say I started this yesterday and have done 30 mins Just dance yesterday and this evening. So far only have just dance, zumba and ea sports so have to look at getting some more games so I dont get bored.


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kerryathome said:
its a beginners running program to get you from your couch to running 5k over a 9 week period x

There's an app on most smart phones now, it's fab you online run 30 secs and walk 1 minute intervals for first week

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Done day 1 week 1 couch to 5k was easier than I anticipated to be honest x

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