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  1. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    Hey All,

    I'm Loulou129. I've just reached my 20 post milestones so I've been allowed an avatar so what better time to start a little diary than when you can all see who I am.

    I am 22 years old and a full time waitress waiting to start a postgraduate degree in the autumn. I have always been a big lass at 11 years old I was already 5 ft 10 and very very broad so much so that I was often mistaken for a boy haha. I've never truly been happy with my weight and tried various diets including slimming world and Cambridge but I would either starve myself or end up overeating the 'free food' ... far too many free pasta and potato dishes for me on slimming world so much so that I put 1 stone on haha!!

    My kick up the backside came last October. I went on a Mediterranean cruise with my family and partner but the 24 hour unlimited food got the better of me and in 2 weeks I had put on a staggering 2 stone 4 lb. I started trying to count calories but with the lead up to Christmas I failed miserably as my whole family have no self control what so ever during the holiday season so I was constantly being bombarded with cake, chocolate and lots of take aways as we were always too busy tor cook (or so we tried to kid ourselves).

    In January this year I started doing Weight Watchers at home. I started as on online member but after 2 months I cancelled as I couldn't afford the fees. I thought this was the end and that I was going to return to my old ways but I found an amazing app on the iphone called value diary. for one fee I get the same food diary as the ww app without the monthly fee it even works out your points etc.
    I literally swear by this app and without it id feel lost.

    So my starting weight was 16st 5. I was a size 20 bottom and size 18 top but even these were very snug.

    today 15/04/14 I weight 14st 13. Im a size 16/14 bottom and a size 14/12 top. Although I haven't lost a lot of weight .... I still have at least 3 more stone to lose I have lost a lot of inches. I work out as often as I can even if its just a walk around the block.

    I am currently doing the 12 week bikini challenge and c25k but I don't beat myself up if I miss a work out as I work 8 to 14 hour shifts at work running around constantly.

    I would love to share my weight loss journey with you all

    here's to a good week and a happy weigh in xx
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  3. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    So day one of my new mindset.

    Started the day with a pomegranate green tea, 2 crumpets with 5g butter and 1 sugar free jelly.

    Followed this with a 5 hour shift at the pub running around like a loony in the hot weather.

    Came home on a 2 hour split and decided to have a big lunch as i had another 6 hour shift to work and didnt want to be hungry otherwise id raid the sweety tin.

    Made one of my favourites. Homemade nandos.

    Turkey steaks, low calorie coleslaw, light halloumi and treated myself to some mash potato. Topped off with fiery pepper chilli sauce.
    Quite. Hefty lunch as it came to 25pp but as i wasnt having dinner i felt quite happy with that. It also gave me 5 pp left to play with.

    For the first time in 10 days i have had a day where i didnt exceed my daily pp and i have to admit im over the moon. Didnt feel hungry at all and if ive been tempted to snack ive made myself a flavoured green tea and curbed my cravings.

    Reading through the threads ive found a few people saying thay twinings make a gingerbread green tea so when ive finished at least 1 box of my mny other flavours and made room in mu cupboard im off to the shops as i adore gingerbread.

    Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good. Ive volunteered to work 8 hours on my day off as id be home alone and totally tempted to snack and the money is so much nicer haha. Off to the gym in the morning and may even go for a little walk. Feeling very :)
  4. berylncha00

    berylncha00 Member

  5. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    So im adding my entry early today as ive been called into work on my day off.

    I was planning a busy day with gym and a run but had to cancel the run as i need to head to work soon.


    Tropical granola and ss milk

    Now ive got overboard with lunch as i need to eat enough to keep me going for 8 hours at work and to stop me picking when i get home.

    Large homemade cottage pie with extra veg.

    A very very large lunch i know but im going to be running around constantly from 3pm so i want to be full.

    30mins in gym mainly weight training and taken the pooch for a walk this morning.

    Gone over my dailys by 3 today so im happy with that. Already earnt 8 exercise pp today and still have 10 weeklys left to last until sunday.

    I do find trying to stop myself weighing in when i wake up extremely difficult but i know if i see a loss ill be tempted to overeat so im banning my scales until sunday morning!!!!
  6. Emma-ww

    Emma-ww Full Member

    Hello, :wavey: Here to follow your journey. I used to do weight watchers but taking a break ATM and just trying to eat sensibly. have a good day.

  7. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    Hi emma. Ive always done slimming world in the past and would lose 7lb then plateau. So far on ww ive lost 1st 7lb but i seem to be stuck again.

    Ive seen that slimfast is half price in superdrug atm so i might give that a go for a week just as a boost.
  8. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    So im giving slim fast a little go for a boost as ive been around the same weight for 3 weeks now. Just tucking into my first strawberry shake and it isnt too bad. Dries your mouth out a bit tho haha.
  9. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    So today has been very long.

    Started work at 11am and finished as midnight. Survived on one slim fast shake until 6pm then grabbed a duck wrap at work. Just got home so tucking into a banana shake before i hit the hay.

    Had 25 pp today but feel pretty good. Also walked 23,456 steps at work haha.

    Off to sleep now as start work at 10am tomorrow and there until midnight again so my pillow is calling x
  10. Emma-ww

    Emma-ww Full Member

    Good luck on slimfast! I lasted one day on it before with the chocolate shakes - tbh proberly less than a day haha!

    are you doing it with the healthy snacks and meals?? Or going to count them Into your ww points? Hopefully this will get e weight moving downwards for you
  11. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    Thank you emma. Im doing it with snacks and meals but also keeping a track of my propoints values too just to make sure im not over eatting. Im on day 2 now and actually enjoying it. Im pretty lazy when it comes to preparing food so just grabbing a shake is brilliant for me haha
  12. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    So today ive had a shake, a snack and chicken and bacon pasta. Pasta probably wasnt the best choice but after only 1200 calories yesterday i needed some energy.

    Going to have another shake shortly then back to work for 6 hours.

    Starting to feel tired now after a 60 hour week so trying to stop myself eatting junk is difficult.
  13. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    Feeling so poorly today but trying to be good. Had a 3 lb loss this morning so im going to be good.

    Had 2 shakes today and 2 tortilla wraps with ham and ww cheese. Waiting for a easter roast now so a litle off plan but it could be so very much worse xx
  14. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    so as maths has never been my strong point I am pleased to announce that I have actually lost 4lb this week not 3lb. had a sneaky midweek weigh in and confused myself but by sticking to only counting Sunday's weight it is an official 4lb loss :)
  15. Emma-ww

    Emma-ww Full Member

    We'll done on 4lb loss!! Hope you have a lovely Easter, enjoy your roast! Xx
  16. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    Thank you Emma.

    It was lovely just wish I had been able to resist the half a bar of teasers that followed it. at 7pp for 50g though i'm not too heart broken.

    Hope you had a good Easter xx
  17. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    So a lovely end to the day. Only had 17 pp so far because of slimfast so going to treat myself to a bit of chocolate :) x
  18. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    Lying here in bed still not feeling very well at all. I was going to go to the gym and for a run today but im so physically drained i dont know if i can even get out of bed let alone go and do the 9 hour shift i start at 3pm.
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  19. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    Much easier for me to do this haha

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  20. sarah_lou1981

    sarah_lou1981 Not gonna be a fat mamma!

    Hey, subscribing if you don't mind? I'm also doing Weight Watchers. I lost 4 stone in 2012 to get pregnant and since my little boy was born on NYE I've lost 2 stone and 9lbs. Just over 4 stone to go but looking at it as a way of life this time instead of a diet.
    Good luck, looking forward to following your journey xx
  21. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    Hey sarah of course i dont mind :)

    I normally do ww on its own but ive been playing withthe same 2lb for 5 weeks so doing slimfast with it at the moment. Its working as i lost 4lb last week but im only doing it for another week then back to pp.

    Btw if you love chocolate the little slimfast snack bars are only 1pp and they are gorgeous. Stocked up from superdrug while theyre only 23p each and will keep using them as snacks :)

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