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Change of programme ..confused?

Went for my weigh in yesterday and only lost 3lbs!! It should have been alot more, could have been becuase i only started on Monday but was weighed on Saturday then that pr*ck in work put sugar in my tea so would have come out of Ketosis. Anyway the pharmactist has told me she doesn't think full LT is for me and that I should do the LT maintenance programme which is 2 shakes and a low calorie meal:confused: !! Because i have found it hard to get back into LT since the holidays and then with such a low loss this week. I agreed...but I am not sure if I made the right choice, I felt a bit pressured into it.
So this week I have the maintenance shakes. :confused:
What do you think I should have done??
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If you do maintenance packs for the week and stick with protein and non starchy veggies you should get slowly back into ketosis.

Perhaps then after the week you can go back to TFR.

It is kinder way to get back into TFR and probably more successful.

Love Mini xxx


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Hang in there Hun! I go with what Mini said! Stick with maintenance for the week and then see how you go!
def see how you go I have a friend who has lost 4st in 3 months doing it that way anytime she would do tfr she would pass out but on two shakes and a healthy low carb meal she is fine.meat and fish and salad or veg also omlettes etc and you'll be fine dont stress about it.The weight will still come off quickly that way as the calories are still really low.


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Sounds like great advice from mini Lou, good look nd well done on the loss xx
well done on your loss louise 3lb is great, just see how it goes this week, i think you will enjoy it and you will lose xxxxx
Hey guys, hate to say it but it didn't work this week....:cry:
I remembered that i chose to do LT diet because it was all or nothing, if i am allowed to eat food on a diet then it just doesn't work for me. I went for my weigh in yesterday and gained 2lbs. :cry::cry:
I said to the pharmacist that i am giving it 1 more week to get my arse back in gear on full LT and if i don't succeed i am knocking it on the head. So third time lucky:sigh:


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If you are going to do TFR again...make sure you have cut out the carbs and are drinking your water...it will make it much easier and quicker to slide into ketosis.

Going cold turkey does make it much harder to stay on it.

Best of luck.

Love Mini xxxx


soon to be minnie mouse
good for you, a lesser mortal would have thrown in the towel.
you must really be focussed on losing the weight so wishing you all the best for the coming week
I wish you all the luck in the world on your restart hun. You can do it, and just remember that even the smallest loss is better than staying the same or gaining. Love and hugs

~Gem x
Thanks guys, to be honest it's embarrassing to admit i couldn't do it... I went out last night and felt like a whale again, as bad as that is i think it has kicked me back into the mental state needed to go cold turkey. I am really going to try to get through to ketosis this time so prepare to see alot of me here to pass the time and get the support I need. x Without this site I couldnt' do it x
I'm restarting tomorrow morning and have been preparing my mind x
Sounds good :) Well as I've already said, good luck and you know where we all are if you feel down at any point :)
oi bugger lugs your a bit stronger than this lets get on the bike again and succeed, good luck babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
good luck with restarting just remember the reason you are doing it. keep you chin up
Good luck with the restart.



Says it as it is!!!
AWWW hun you, will do it and you will show the d*ck of a pharamcist you know best not them... you go girl ......
Ok new fresh start today.
:blahblah:I will have you all bored to tears :tear_drop:with updates but i have to do it :D

*Woke up thinking and remembering the reasons why I am doing this.
*Had my breakfast shake and loved it :party0049:
*Nearly finished my first litre of water already :party0011:
* have my listerine strips and sweeteners ready :character00115:
* Laxatives on stand by:sign0131:

At the moment I feel 10/10 that i will succed xx:innocent0001:
chin up & good luck

its been really good reading your post, good luck for today and i hope you succeed. :)

Its my first day today, so i'll be reading your post with interest.

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